Cell Phone Plans Get Teens and Parents 'Off The Hook' and Talking

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Cell Phone Plans (http://www.cell-phones-n-plans.com) get teens and parents “Off The Hook” and Talking.

Arguably the most innovative cell phone initiative get teens and parents “Off The Hook” and Talking.

According to industry insiders, more than one-third of US teens have a cell phone and another two-thirds wish they did. With cell phone use, comes a need for responsibility as well as a means by which parents can stay in touch with their children.

Responsibility and safety are the driving force behind http://www.cell-phones-n-plans.com, the brainchild of James Martell, (developer and parent), of the “Off The Hook” concept. “My wife Arlene and I purchased cell phones for our daughter Shelby (15) and son Justin (17) for Christmas ... We sat down with each of them between Christmas and New Years and went through the "Off The Hook" agreement and all signed on the dotted line".

This is only the beginning, as the product engenders a process and opportunity for teens and parents to begin and important dialogue. Beyond the human component is the very reality that, for this to be a sound investment all parties involved need to take ownership and understand this is a contract.

Just like having an allowance, the advantages of cell phone ownership for teenagers is multi-faceted; as it promotes responsibility and creates an understanding of many factors including the importance of good credit, honoring contracts and putting safety above the latest fads.

The method behind this exciting new idea is simply, “Off the Hook”... Any teen desiring a cell phone can log onto http://www.cell-phones-n-plans.com/teen.html, where they will find user-friendly, age appropriate, compelling and professionally-written emails that they can in turn send to their parents explaining in detail that they have taken the time to fully understand the responsibilities (and the costs) involved in owning a cell phone.

Add to that the additional excitement of the chance to win a free IPod and the communication gap no longer exists.

“Off the Hook” is a free service and includes an agreement (http://www.cell-phones-n-plans.com/agreement.html) for teens to print out and discuss with parents that details everything, including monthly usage plans and text messages, cell phone etiquette, (e.g. the “when and where” of home and school use), as well as explanations of roaming/long distance charges.

Of equal importance is the “Off the Hook” committtment to ongoing communication between parent and child, as it stipulates that the bill will be discussed each month and that teens will offer a clear explanation of calls and text messages they have made/ received.

“Off the Hook” is simply an industry leader created by a parent for parents (and teens). The world is more complex than ever, but now there is a solution as “Off the Hook” offers the answer, opens lines of communication and creates a safety net.

For more information about “Off the Hook” please contact:

Kelly Fowler

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