Display Expert Alfred Poor Publishes HDTV Buying Guide; 'Professor Poor's Guide to Buying HDTV' Available Now

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“Professor Poor’s Guide to Buying HDTV” is a new book designed to help readers buy the best HDTV. Independent display expert Alfred Poor makes the complex HDTV issues easy to understand, so readers can make a confident choice and avoid expensive mistakes.

Display industry expert Alfred Poor announces the release of his new book, “Professor Poor’s Guide to Buying HDTV”, available now at http://HDTVBuyGuide.com.

Published as an e-book, buyers can order it online and receive their copy immediately, without waiting for delivery by postal or freight service.

The 119-page book is designed to make it easy for the reader to choose the best HDTV. Readers will gain an understanding of the often-confusing standards and jargon, and will learn the pros and cons of the various display technologies used in HDTVs. The book also includes details on the “sweet spots” where buyers can get the most bang for their buck by choosing certain sizes and technologies.

“Professor Poor’s Guide to Buying HDTV” also has an exclusive feature not found anywhere else. Many references and Web sites make recommendations about how far to sit from a display of a given size, which is great if you have a display and are trying to choose a room for it, but most buyers have the opposite problem. They have a room, and want to know what size display to get. The book shows how you can take a single measurement, and multiply that by one number to get the optimum screen size for any room. And unlike almost all other references, this calculation takes into account the resolution of the display which can make an enormous difference in your choice. After reading this secion, one reader realized that he was planning to purchase the wrong resolution display and ended up saving more than $1,000 on his choice. The fact that this person is a real estate developer who is renovating a 50-unit apartment building prior to converting to condominiums, he saved more than $50,000 just on this one piece of information.

The book also includes detailed information on how to evaluate HDTVs for yourself, so that you don’t have to rely on information from online or print product reviews that are often out-of-date or have information that is not useful to the average buyer. It also has checklists to help the reader choose the best HDTV.

“Professor Poor’s Guide to Buying HDTV” was developed in an unusual way. While he was writing the book, author Alfred Poor surveyed more than 500 prospective HDTV buyers to ask what their most important questions about HDTV were. He then was able to make sure that these questions were answered in the text. The result is a book that deals with everything from “Is LCD better than plasma?” to “How do I know my HDTV won’t be obsolete in a few years?” to "Should I get 1080p or 720p?" The book also explains the two main reasons that people return their new televisions, and how readers can avoid these expensive mistakes.

More information about the book can be found online at http://HDTVBuyGuide.com. The book comes with a unique no-risk, lifetime money back guarantee.

Evaluation copies available:

Please send an email with press credentials to request a complimentary evaluation copy.

About Alfred Poor:

Alfred Poor has an international reputation in the display industry. He brings more than 22 years of experience as a freelance writer and technology consultant, with particular expertise in display technology. He has written extensively about displays for the computer trade press; he was affiliated with PC Magazine for more than 20 years, where he was a Contributing Editor until March 2005, and was the magazine’s first Lead Analyst for Business Displays. He has played key roles in display product testing for PC Magazine; he developed the rigorous testing protocols for monitor and projectors that have become the standard for product comparison. He is a columnist with Computer Shopper Magazine, where his “Alfred Poor’s Computer Cures” column has appeared for nearly 12 years, helping thousands of readers with their troubleshooting questions. He now is a Senior Research Associate at Pacific Media Associates. He was a charter member and past Chair of the Display of the Year Awards Committee for Society for Information Display (SID), and is currently the Chair of the Delaware Valley Chapter of SID. He is also a Contributing Editor with SID’s magazine, Information Display, for which he has edited or written more than 100 articles in recent years. He is President of Working Papers which provides technical writing services for a range of companies, including the display industry.

“I spent the past 20 years helping millions of people make sense out of personal computer products,” Alfred Poor explained. “I recognized that the same problems of confusing technology and rapidly changing products and features now plague consumers trying to decide on an HDTV purchase. They are confronted by confusing and misleading information. They need a source of expert information that they can understand and trust, so I’m turning my focus from computers to the issues of HDTV and digital television.”

He now publishes “Alfred Poor’s HDTV Resource Center” (http://hdtvprofessor.com). One key feature of the site is the HDTV Almanac (http://hdtvprofessor.com/HDTVAlmanac) which is provides free daily posts of original content. He not only reports on new developments in television and home entertainment, but also explains their significance in terms that readers can understand and use. The posts are available on the site, as well as via RSS feeds.

The site is also the source for Alfred Poor’s self-published series of HDTV guides and reference materials. His HDTV and Display Technology Reference Card is available now, as well as his Professor Poor’s Weekly Price Report that lists advertised prices at major nationwide retailers.

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