Sleepwalking into the Future?

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The increasing conflict in the Middle East has stimulated a growing interest in End Times Prophecy as thousands of new readers are scouring the Internet in search of an answer to the question: "Are we living in the end of days?" The numbers of visitors to Prophecy Websites has increased dramatically by over 1200% in 2005.

Maurice Goulet has seen the number of visitors to his Blog increase every month over the last year as well as a 300% jump in sales of his 2004 Blockbuster Book Lord of Darkness ~ Lord of Light at as many of the events foretold in his book have already begun to surface.

Looking at the war in the Middle East, the horrible devastation caused by hurricanes and tsunamis in 2005 and the new threat of a possible Bird Flu Pandemic, many are asking the same question. Are these the signs of the times prophesied in the Bible that indicate we are living in the last days?

"I believe there are many people who are in for a rough ride through uncharted territory as time and events propel this world through the Coming Crisis," says Maurice. "For most people it has been difficult to make sense of the gathering forces that will fundamentally alter the terms of everyday life in the very near future. Even after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, America is still sleepwalking into the future."

Dr. Goulet, a Biblical Scholar and Teacher warns that many now believe that the United States may not survive as a nation in any meaningful sense but will rather devolve into a set of autonomous regions. While he believes most Americans would be better off living differently, he does not believe anyone is ready to welcome the tremendous personal hardship that will result as the infrastructure of that life loses its value and utility.

The war against militant Islamic fundamentalism is only one element among an array of events already under way that will alter relations with the rest of the world, and compel everyone to live differently at home whether they like it or not.

Dr Goulet writes in his book, "The world is now ready for a charismatic leader who will lead them out of this time of terror. The stage has been set for the appearing of the pseudo prince of peace. This should not strike us as incredible or impossible. History records how in a few short years a young lieutenant rose out of comparative obscurity and had Europe at his feet. In Napoleon Bonaparte as well as Adolph Hitler we have a foreshadowing of what is yet going to be when God's time is ripe."

"There is a day coming when the events described by the prophets will begin to take place. That time is rapidly approaching. The multitudes do not want Bible truth because it interferes with the desires of the world-loving heart; and the world supplies the deceptions, which they love."

Dr. Maurice Goulet is the Author of Lord Of Darkness ~ Lord Of Light. Visit his blog at


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