Local Martial Arts Instructor Teaches Leadership Through Martial Arts

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Local Karate, Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do Instructor, James Theros teaches leadership through Martial Arts training.

Master James Theros, founder and owner of Level 10 Martial Arts College on Indy's south side, believes that martial arts is about MUCH more than just kicking and punching.

His belief is that the martial arts are about developing leadership and discipline. Level 10 martial arts, karate, tae kwon do, kung fu approaches the subject of leadership in each class and by having a completely separate component of advanced leadership training at the school.

Selected students are hand-picked by Master Theros to become part of the school's G.O.L.D. Team (Guidance on Leadership Development) and are required to attend a special bi-weekly 90-minute class on different subjects pertaining to leadership.

During a given semester students will learn and acquire the skills of Public Speaking, Time Management, Working with AD/HD children, overcoming procrastination and motivational skills, to name just a few.

Each student is required to purchase and read selected books from level 10 martial arts' reading list and taught how to study and absorb the material so that the student comes away with actual knowledge and skill in each area.

During regular classes the students then put to use all of their skills as they are required to attend one class per week to work as an assistant to the instructor.

"The students and their parents really see the benefits of our leadership program in action when they observe these guys in action. In most cases, the parents will see dramatic results in a very short period of time and these results translate into the student's academic skills and team-building skills in all areas of their lives," says Theros.

"It's amazing how some of these guys really blossom and bloom when given small bite-sized tasks to complete each week. I fully believe that when a student has spent a year in my leadership program that he or she will be leaders in EVERY activity for the rest of their lives."

And one of Master Theros' favorite rhetorical questions to ask his students is, "In the world of sled-dogs, which dog has the best view? The lead dog of course! All the others get to see is furry behinds!"

For more information about how martial arts, karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, tai kwon do, hapkido can teach leadership skills to kids contact Master Theros at the school at 317-782-8000 or visit the school's website at http://www.level10martialarts.com


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