Pets Get the Star Treatment with Apothepet -- Company Pampers Pets by Offering Pet Owners Better, Safer Alternatives to Pills to Respond to Demand of Caring Owners

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In this day and age, pets naturally become one of the family, with some celebrities indulging their furry friends with lavish treatment like pet spas, massages, and high-end name brand apparel. With pampering like this, it is of no surprise that owners from all walks of life want the best treatment that money can buy when it comes to getting medicine for their pets. Thankfully for Apothepet, the first of it's kind speciality veterinary pharmacy, pets can now have their hard-to-swallow medicines converted to tasty liquids in flavors like "Grilled Tuna" and "Red Angus Beef" or "Fish Chowder". Pet owners can now rest assured that their pets are getting all the medicine they so crucially need without all the trouble and torment of figuring out how to get it down.

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Humans are greedy and selfish and spend a lot of time taking and not giving. Animals aren't like that.

In today’s society pets naturally become another member of the family. Pet owners have been known to treat their pets better than themselves, and oftentimes much better than their own children. Pets are showered with attention, kisses, toys and treats and in return these trusted companions give unconditional love and loyalty. As expected, whenever these furry friends are sick, injured or in pain, owners do everything in their power to get them back on their feet quickly and without complication. As a result of a demand from attentive owners for easy-to-give medications, a specialty veterinary pharmacy was formed. This brainchild, Apothepet, offers pet medication in a tasty, easy-to-swallow liquid form in flavors like “Crispy Bacon” and “Salmon Steak” to ease the struggles for both owners and pets.    

The most extreme cases of pet pampering can be seen in today’s A-list stars. Pets don’t comprehend the power of fame and celebrity status and love their owners simply because they are their owners. Many psychologists say that celebrities have a difficult time discerning if people actually like them for themselves or just want to be a part of the paparazzi frenzy surrounding them. This mentality can make pets more trusted than some family members. As pet lover and animal activist Alicia Silverstone explained, "Humans are greedy and selfish and spend a lot of time taking and not giving. Animals aren't like that."

Since it's a way of life around Hollywood to enjoy perks and lavish spending, it's not surprising that the benefits extend to Fido and Fluffy. For instance, Halle Berry and Elizabeth Taylor carry their beloved tiny pooches around in $1,500 Hermes doggy bags. Britney Spears, Debra Messing and Jennifer Lopez favor $400 PuchiBags for their pups. And supermodel Gisele Bundchen transports her dog in a $1,000 Louis Vuitton "Sac Chien," a gift from Leonardo DiCaprio. Pamela Anderson takes advantage of the perks available for her pets at Cabo San Lucas' Las Ventanas Al Paraiso resort – which houses a world-class pet spa where dogs and cats can get a stress-reducing massage before eating dinner from a special menu prepared especially for them.

Just as when family members become ill or injured, people look for the absolute best in quality care and treatment. Accordingly, with Apothepet offering a solution to solve the age-old struggles of getting pets to actually take medications, pet owners around the country are jumping on this new perk. There is no time as stressful as pill time for companion animals; and people will do almost anything to calm the creatures they love so dearly. Apothepet specializes in transforming difficult-to-swallow pills into tasty, pet flavored liquid medication. Pet owners who have their prescription filled by Apothepet can choose from 29 delicious flavors for their pet’s medication such as “Sardine Splendor” for cats, “Red Angus Beef” for dogs, and “Caramel Apple” for horses. Making medication more palatable for your pet ensures an end to future struggles during medication time, and ensures a quicker recovery.

Apothepet is the premiere provider of liquid, pet flavored prescription medication. However, Apothepet’s services are not limited to liquid medicine. Pet owners also have the option of having medication for their pet made their way whether that is in a tablet or capsule, a flavored liquid suspension, or a transdermal gel which is absorbed through the skin of the animal’s ear. Apothepet’s unique products are designed for pet owners who don’t want to torment their pets during medicine time instead pamper them when they don't feel well.

For more information on Apothepet or to learn more about Apoothepet’s line of pet products, visit contact Stephen Gross at 1-866-961-5666.


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