Introducing Surf eBay Faster, for Free, Especially with 56K Modems

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New Web 2.0 browser technology provides an animated, interactive eBay Desktop that allows surfing eBay auctions at up to 10x the speed of eBay's own website, especially with 56K modems.

Yeager Holdings LLC today announced the availability of, a new Web 2.0 website for surfing eBay® auctions faster than with eBay's own website, for free.

A certified eBay Compatible Application, Cooqy (a play on the word "cookie") interfaces directly with eBay's web services. By using Web 2.0 screen rendering technology and advanced message filtering, Cooqy is able to minimize network traffic to the browser, especially for item detail listings on eBay.

Whereas an average eBay item listing contains over 100KB of data (without photos), Cooqy filters out all but the most essential item details and removes HTML formatting to send as little as 2KB of data to the browser, a 50x reduction in network traffic. Observed surfing improvements using Cooqy generally fall between 2x-10x faster than surfing eBay's own website, due to a number of variable factors that include latency with the eBay web services.

Surfing speed over a 56K modem can be further optimized by loading item photos on-demand. This unique feature allows search results and item descriptions to be downloaded at maximum speed in text-only form. Photos are then only downloaded when individually requested by the user, optimizing overall surfing speed with a 56K modem.

Besides offering a faster surfing experience for eBay auctions, the Cooqy Desktop's Web 2.0 technology also provides shopping features not available on eBay:

  • View up to 48 items side-by-side without scrolling (*)
  • Display item locations in the USA on an integrated map
  • Inspect all item photos with built-in magnifiers
  • Find auction bargains with tools not available on eBay
  • Watch animated auction end times
  • Select a favorite color theme

(*) Requires a monitor with at least 1680x1050 resolution

The initial download of the Cooqy Desktop is roughly the same size as eBay's home page and is saved in the browser cache. The next time Cooqy is run, it will start immediately unless updates are available. Updates are automatically downloaded thereafter.

Robert Yeager, Cooqy's founder stated, "Shopping on eBay leaves a lot to be desired. Static HTML technology, bloated content, motion sickness-inducing vertical scrolling, and harsh colors make for a slow, cluttered and confusing website. Autolisters tend to bloat the size of item listings to the point where surfing eBay with a 56K modem becomes painful. Cooqy's Web 2.0 technology overcomes the headaches with legacy HTML technology and is optimized to make the eBay shopping experience as fast and pleasant as possible. Our Gallery View allows up to 48 search result items to be viewed on a single screen without scrolling. Even the simple ability to select an eye-pleasing color theme can enhance the shopping experience by reducing eyestrain from eBay's high-contrast white background."

Mr. Yeager went on to say, "Every item photo can be closely inspected with magnifiers by simply hovering the mouse cursor over the image. Collectibles still comprise the vast majority of eBay item listings, so stamp, coin, and other collectors can all benefit from closer inspection of item photos. Cooqy can also map items in the USA on an integrated map view. This is very useful for purchasers of large items like boats and cars, or for shoppers looking for items to pick up themselves close to home."

Mr. Yeager concluded by saying, "Cooqy enhances the eBay shopping experience in many ways. Our service is provided at no charge, so everyone can experience a faster and better way to shop for eBay items. Development of Cooqy began in December 2005, so our service is still expanding with new features being added day-to-day."

Cooqy is free and currently supports eBay USA, Canada, and UK.

Yeager Holdings LLC was incorporated in Georgia in 2003 and is a member of the eBay Affiliate Program.

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