Walking the Earth Reveals Life's Perspective in Poetry

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Collection of poetry covers human experience from eight poets' points of view. From childhood to old age, from sunshine to the shadows of sorrow, poems take readers on a trip through life.

4RV Publishing announces the release of a book of poetry that gives the writers’ views of life. Walking the Earth: Life’sPerspectives in Poetry, edited by Vivian Zabel, Holly Jahangiri, Becky Simpson, and Robert Blackwell, has received excellent reviews to date.

Eight poets contribute their unique voices to a harmonious blend of poems celebrating the bittersweet range of human experience, from the simple joys of childhood and nature, to the complexities of faith and aging.

Although the authors live in various areas across the continent, brought together through an online writing site, they are bound in their talent of creating images with words. Zabel and Simpson live in Edmond, Oklahoma, Zabel always claiming the state as home and Simpson a newcomer. Jahangiri is in Houston, Texas, although she attained a degree from the University of Tulsa. Graham resides in Blackwell, Oklahoma, her lifetime hometown. Ligameri now lives in Atlanta, Georgia while Blackwell is in Columbus, Ohio. Two Canadians round out the group: Larkin from British Columbia; Steele from Ontario.

The writers each has his or her own opinion about co-authors and their works. Zabel said, “The whole project excited me because I was able to work with talented poets. Each of us has a unique approach to writing poetry, yet the items in this book all blend and coordinate, creating a book that everyone can enjoy.”

"This is the second book Viv and I have collaborated on," says Jahangiri. "Making something like this happen - it's a challenge. Because we're scattered across two countries and several states, we couldn't just sit down and hammer out the details in person. Most of our communication was across phone lines and via the Internet. Viv and her vision are the glue that held this project together - the unifying force that made it happen. The variety of personal perspectives and writing styles we all brought to the work is what gives it such a broad appeal."

Becky Simpson's opinion of the book states that life’s twists and turns are exposed through the eyes of educators, engineers, homemakers, and one true jack-of-all-trades, Tim Larkin. Tim, a Canadian, brings his own special perspective which includes a love of nature. Most of the poets represented herein are published authors including Kimberly Ligameri, Robert Blackwell, Vivian Zabel, and Holly Jahangiri. “We invite you to relax, put your feet up, fix your favorite drink, and come along as we delve into the many aspects of life through these poets’ eyes,” is Simpson’s advice.

According to Robert E. Blackwell, Walking the Earth provided him with the opportunity to work with his mentor, Vivian Zabel, and a group of writers of tremendous credentials and talent. Blackwell added, “It was a pleasure to co-edit the works of my colleagues because I got not only to read from their work, but also to learn from it and refine my own skills. Kudos to Jacque, Holly, Tim, Kimberly, Becky, Diane, and Vivian for the success of this project.”

Diane Steele expressed her opinion of the book and her co-authors by first saying that Walking The Earth is a collection of poetry that touches many aspects of life. The book offers a diversity that makes it unique. She became more specific, saying, “Robert Blackwell is a gifted writer whose work conveys slices of life filled with deep romance. Kimberly Ligameri shows conviction as she writes of both love and betrayal. Vivian Gilbert Zabel is able to capture an audience with her heart-warming ability to bring words to life in any genre.”

The work of his seven co-authors is summed up by T. Larkin in his poetic manner. Robert’s writing: Full on thrust, then ease back on the throttle… This is free-fall. Holly: Midnight blossom ripens beneath the full moon, opening for the stars delight. Diane: A cherished teacup sits on a windowsill, now the home of a springtime budding. Vivian: Knowing that the stars shed their tears only for those who care enough to see. Becky: A dancer eases across the floor, moving smoothly to the music of her own shoes. Jacque: A warm blanket, slippers, a cup of hot chocolate... More than the sum of all the parts. Kimberly: When the butterfly emerges and dries its wings, and is now prepared for flight.

“The authors have created pieces from their hearts, thus making this collection something special and unique. As a person reads each creation, he'll find himself embarking on a journey full of emotional joys and heartaches. A gem for everyone exists within this versatile treasure,” Kimberly Ligameri commented.

Jacque Graham says, “The poems included reflect life with its sunshine and shadows, its roses and thorns, love requited - or not - childhood through the aging process, and the faith that grows in each of us as we travel those paths.”

Walking the Earth edited by Vivian Zabel, Holly Jahangiri, Becky Simpson, and Robert Blackwell

ISBN 1-4116-4447-6

Available through Lulu.com, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble; retail approximately $20.00

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