Hampton, Virginia Resident Maurice Carlisle has Published his Most Provocative Work yet Called Mein Kampf: Collection of Essays and Other Writings at Lulu.com

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Mein Kampf is a book that tells the truth about the present state of America and how it has gone away from its basic ideals as a beacon of hope and a temple of liberty for all humankind. It's time for America to go back to its true ideals and actually live out what we say we are as a nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Maurice Carlisle, the author of Poems of Perspective which can be purchased on http://www.authorhouse.com, has released his second book. And this time, it's not only a book of poems but a book that includes essays as well. It's called Mein Kampf: Collection of Essays and Other Writings.

This collection of essays and poems would take you on a journey as to who Mr. Carlisle is and how he develop his political philosophy. This book would answer questions such as: what are his thoughts on terrorism and 9/11? What are his thoughts on liberals and conservatives? And lastly, how did a little-known, obscure college professor become the beacon of the neo-conservative movement which drives the Bush administration into war and chaos?

His thoughts on terrorism and 9/11:

"The Bush administration was very thankful 9/11 occurred. Why were they thankful? For starters, President Bush was not doing well in his first eight months of taking office and the administration needed something that would improve the public confidence in him." And secondly, "the Bush administration was very thankful 9/11 occurred was because the Bush administration needed...an anticlimatic event to occur that would give them the impetus to wage its war against Islam, claiming that Islam has taken over Christianity as some Christians would say."

His thoughts on liberals and conservatives:

"When it comes to the sovereignty of our nation, both groups (liberals and conservatives) have become mute. Both groups do not see the United States a republic. Both groups have forgotten what our Founding Fathers have accomplished. Our nation has come a long way and every time this nation has strived to make progress, liberals and conservatives always find a way to take us back on the backsliding course to Hell."

And lastly, what he says about this little-known, obscure college professor who has become the beacon of the neo-conservative movement:

"What is (Leo) Strauss' philosophy? His philosophy is based on three principles, according to Jim Lobe. The first principle is that a ruler or rulers must use politics to master the art of deception. The second principle requires the ruler or rulers to use the power of religion to control the masses. The third principle requires the ruler or rulers to propagate the idea of nationalism."

These three principles Mr. Carlisle put in his book is what drives the Bush administration of 2001-2004 to do what it has been able to do, as far as foreign and domestic policy is concerned.

Mr. Carlisle's solution as to the turmoil of politics is that people need to get their morals right. In one of his poems, Mr. Carlisle plays the role of the sinner in which he asks God about the lives and actions of some Christians. God tells him in his poem "What Is Your Law":

"Trust in Me and never doubt

For surely My love would bring you out

Trust in Me with all thine heart

And lean not to thine own understanding"

In other words, Mr. Carlisle is telling his readers to not worry about others, but worry about themselves. And another way he tells his readers to do that is "to quit hanging at the club/And check out the holy place."

That is the way Mr. Carlisle feels his readers can overcome the turmoil of politics.

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