New Method of Virus Detection Traces Viruses That Were Formerly Untraceable

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Computer users both at home and work have been plagued by viruses that use a person's address book to spread. These viruses usually hide their origin, so most people do not realize their computer is spreading viruses. A new method of virus detection traces these viruses and warns the computer user.

DKAT Internet Services, a Virginia company, has invented a new process of tracing viruses that are normally untraceable.

There are situations that can cause a computer's anti-virus program to be disabled. Viruses which infect unprotected computers often use the computer's address book to spread. These viruses often fake the message headers of an E-mail, which prevents any attempt to use those message headers to trace the virus back to the infected computer.

A solution was recently provided for free to the general public at The computer user is asked to sign-up with DKAT Internet Services' virus detector and is assigned an E-mail detection id. The user is instructed to create a new contact in their address book, with their assigned detection id for the E-mail id. The rest of the contact information can be whatever the user wishes to type. The user doesn't need to do anything else. There is nothing to download or purchase. If a virus infects their computer and starts sending itself to contacts in the address book; the virus detector will warn the user via E-mail, when the virus sends a message to the detector. Essentially, the virus is tricked into divulging its existence. The detection system is meant only to warn a person of a possible infection they would otherwise not know about. It is not intended to be a replacement for a working anti-virus program.

About DKAT Internet Services:
DKAT Internet Services is a Virginia company created in 1997, which has provided various internet-related services and custom programming to companies and organizations throughout the U.S.

DKAT Internet Services has opened communication with anti-virus companies, regarding the use of a "Recommended product" link in the warning message a user receives from the virus detector. The user would have the opportunity to protect their computer by purchasing an anti-virus product as soon as they learn they have a possible infection.


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