Survey Reveals How Business Leaders Evaluate the President on Key Leadership Qualities

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How do business leaders judge President Bush’s leadership ability? -- Full survey results with political affiliation breakdown available.

A survey of 3041 business leaders conducted by Leadership IQ, a nationally-known leadership training firm, reveals how business executives evaluate President Bush’s leadership ability. The respondents were asked to read ten statements covering different aspects of benchmark leadership, and to indicate whether they believe the statement describes President George W. Bush’s actions or behaviors.

Raters came from all levels of leadership, income levels, and political affiliations.


All Leaders

1. President Bush serves the best interests of all Americans.

Agree 26%


2. President Bush seeks information from the most knowledgeable people, regardless of politics or partisanship.

Agree 24%

Disagree 70%

3. President Bush focuses his attention on truly important issues and avoids unimportant issues.

Agree 29%

Disagree 63%

4. President Bush tackles the toughest challenges even if that causes him personal hardship.

Agree 40%

Disagree 53%

5. President Bush is an analytical and logical thinker, who evidences sound judgment.

Agree 22%

Disagree 71%

6. President Bush consistently surrounds himself with high performers.

Agree 38%

Disagree 54%

7. President Bush communicates the need for change in a compelling and persuasive way.

Agree 26%

Disagree 72%

8. President Bush motivates and generates support from many different types of people.

Agree 24%

Disagree 70%

9. President Bush leverages his power responsibly to accomplish his goals.

Agree 34%

Disagree 62%

10. President Bush effectively manages and removes low performers.

Agree 17%

Disagree 63%


Overall, leaders tended to disagree with the statements about the president's leadership skills. However, President Bush received his most favorable rating on tackling the toughest challenges even if they cause him personal hardship, with 40% of leaders agreeing with this statement. President Bush’s least favorable rating came on the question President Bush communicates the need for change in a compelling and persuasive way, with 72% of leaders disagreeing with this statement.


Respondents were selected from among Leadership IQ's subscribers and were sent a link to complete an online survey. This survey was not available to the public and subscribers were only allowed to answer the survey one time. Respondents were asked 10 questions about President Bush's leadership and 7 questions about their political and professional backgrounds.

Respondent Data:

Job Levels

  • 32% Managers
  • 29%Directors
  • 39% Executives.

Political Affiliation

  • 33% Republicans
  • 33% Democrats
  • 34% Independent/No party preference


    21 – 30 4%

    31 - 40 16%

    41 - 50 28%

    51 - 60 38%

    61 - 70 11%

    Over 70 2%


  • Less than $50,000 -- 17%
  • $50,001 - $99,999 -- 46%
  • Over $100,000 -- 37%


  • High school diploma or GED 2%
  • Some college 9%
  • Associate degree or technical certification 5%
  • College or undergraduate degree 33%
  • Graduate degree 50%
  • Other 1%

Full survey results with political affiliation breakdown available at:

Leadership IQ is a nationally-known leadership training firm. More information available at

Leadership IQ president Mark Murphy is available for commentary.

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