Online Dating: Who Is Lying to You and How Can You Prevent It?

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How online dating profiles at most of the major dating sites are full of lies and what one company is doing to stop it.

The term "dating services" returns more than 2.4 million results on Google and if you consider the wide variety of companies that do match making services, this market adds up to over a billion dollar international industry. With all these companies competing for the same user base, you would think that all niches and consumer needs would be completely serviced. Yet there is a large unfulfilled market need.

It’s a widely know fact that most people stretch the truth about themselves when creating an online profile. They use someone else’s photo, lose half their weight at the click of a mouse, grow all their hair back instantly, etc… Why not? Everyone else is and besides the industry has known this for years and has done nothing to prevent it.

The reason that the larger dating services refuse to fix this problem is money. The major players would end up losing a large percentage of their online profiles and paying customers if they were to put in the types of tools has developed. Paying customers on these large sites would have to be turned away because they either had a criminal record or would leave because their rating was so low that no one would contact them.

That’s where comes in, by creating a business that only targets “Quality” customers and putting measures in to empower members to keep each other honest, they never have to make the tough business decision to cancel millions of dollars worth of paying customers. In return, the paying customers they do have will have a safer environment to meet people, save time, avoid stress by ending up on less of those really bad dates, and more. is based on a technology they call “Real Profile tm”. Using this technology they give members the ability to rate the honesty characteristics of another users profile. This technology enables you to see profiles with:

  • Real and recent Photos
  • Honest information about kids, marital stats, drinking habits etc.

You also don’t waste as much time with people who have not taken the time to complete a proper profile or have bad ratings.

“Real Profile tm” works by keeping track of the number of times that users contact each other via the internal chat or email messages. After amount of communications between two members, assumes that you have had the opportunity to meet or see one another. The software puts a link on the member’s page that enables them to complete a survey about the user that they have met.

Each response in the survey is worth points. It is rather complicated on the back end but easy for member to use.

On the back end there are:

  • Points that are added or removed based on survey question answered.
  • Creditably factors that come into play when people get caught lying in surveys!
  • Confirmation factors that are used when more than one person answers a survey question the same way.

On the side that the member would see and use, there is a short survey you fill out. That’s it.

To complement “Real Profile,” ( has partnered with a company that does background checks and verifies key pieces of identification like name, age, last know address etc.

Some people discount these types of checks saying that they are easy to beat. When asked why a company would do background checks on a dating site,’s response was:

“Here is an easy way to look at it. Many people have a lock, dead bolt and chain on their front door. They lock them each night before they go to sleep. Now if you also have a four foot by six foot window less than a foot away from that door, what is the purpose of locking the door? Someone can break the glass and practically pull their car into your living room.

There are many answers to why lock the door but the two that get to our point are the noise and discouragement. First, the locks are there to say you’re not welcome to just walk in and noise acts as an alert that something is wrong.

Will it keep all the bad people out? I really doubt it, but we believe that it is necessary to discourage them from signing up in the first place." is positioning itself as a premium service that still wants to appeal to the greater online population. Some personalized dating services that offer high quality profiles and background checks charge 1000’s of dollars. The major sites do little or nothing to ensure quality and charge you $20- $30 per month. ( prices are quite fair at 59.95 / month. It's less than two dollars per day and you spend more than that for coffee.

For a very limited time membership is free to those who complete the registration process.

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