Fleet Accidents That Don't Happen Can Really Add Up, Thanks to New Safety Products from Reverse Backing Systems.

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The latest products from RBS boast exclusive features such as a waterproof controller and eight-foot sonar detection, which add up to big savings for fleet owners.

How do you put a price tag on all the accidents that don’t happen? Reverse Backing Systems continues to raise the bar with technology that keeps fleet owners from having to count those costs. The latest products from RBS boast exclusive features such as a waterproof controller and eight-foot sonar detection. What this means for fleet managers is big savings. Waterproof controllers can be mounted externally, which saves at least 30 minutes of installation time, therefore saving money. Greater detection means increased safety, which translates to savings from potential property damages, loss of productivity, third-party liability claims and possible physical harm or death.

Each year in the US there are over 300,000 reported reversing accidents, which account for more than 400 deaths annually and cost drivers in excess of 1.3 billion dollars in damages. Since fleet drivers are on the road much more than typical drivers (who have a 1 in 15 chance of being involved in a collision each year), their chances of being in an accident are higher. An article on http://www.roadstaronline.com reported in 2002 that the annual accident cost per fleet vehicle was $22,800, noting the number as an average annual cost for every truck in the fleet, regardless of whether it was involved in an accident.

Even without that estimated price tag, companies like Down East, Georgia Power and El Paso Corporate are discovering that doing business with Reverse Backing Systems makes sense for the safety and success of their fleets. According to Jared Jolly, President and CEO of Reverse Backing Systems, “There is no doubt that equipping your fleet with collision avoidance products makes economic sense.”

The newest technology from RBS features an LCD cable stretching 33 feet, making it ideal for any vehicle 30 feet or less in length. Special-order systems are available with 50 or 75-foot cables for longer vehicles. Reverse Backing Systems is the only supplier in the US boasting the concept and design of a parking sensor system made specifically with the commercial vehicle in mind. Included in the price of their systems, RBS sends an installation technician to spend a full day training installers to equip vehicles with the products. Reverse Backing Systems continues to exceed expectations when it comes to providing fleet owners with cost-effective collision avoidance solutions.

About Reverse Backing Systems

Reverse Backing Systems is a manufacturer of collision avoidance products, including backup sensors and cameras. High quality products designed at RBS are marketed to distributors and retailers throughout the United States. Motivated by the goal to become the United States’ premier supplier of collision avoidance products, concentrating on backup safety systems, RBS develops exclusive products such as truck backup sensor systems and commercial truck parking sensors.


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