Coastal Vacations Leadership Flocks To Florida For Largest Conference Ever

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Coastal Vacations leaders gather this weekend in Florida for their largest conference ever. Their fastest growing group, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center is providing maximum support to their members and many Sales Center members are attending their first conference.

Coastal Vacations leaders are arriving in Florida this week for their largest conference ever. The top rated home based business has members in over 70 countries, and after 11 years is flying higher than ever. Their fastest growing group, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center is growing at an incredible pace because new members are looking to get the maximum support possible when they are starting their own business. Leading members of the Sales Center group will gather after Saturday's general session to discuss the ongoing improvements they are making to the unprecedented support system they have already put in place. This is the first of two meetings this year for the Coastal Vacations worldwide membership. Reservations indicate that this conference will set a new attendance record by a wide margin.

The conference will kick off the evening of March 10 with a meet and greet get together at Disney's Contemporary Resort. Members and guests will have an opportunity to meet the Board of Directors and group leaders that they have heard on training and conference calls. The rapid growth of the Sales Center group means that many of their members will be attending their very first conference. Training team member and Discovery Q&A call host Dean Marino arrived a day early to help coordinate his group's efforts. Marino stated "It is an exciting time for our new Coastal Vacations Sales Center group members. Many of them recently started a business for the first time in their lives. They plugged into the extensive training that is part of our system and those businesses quickly turned a profit. Now these new members have an opportunity to see the worldwide organization they are a part of and meet those responsible for putting the simple system they followed in place."

The Sales Center has been a success from the start. While others have tried to copy their successful selling system, the Sales Center has presented a moving target as they continue to improve their system. They started over a year ago by providing a professional sales staff to take calls for members, present the business, do the follow up, close sales, collect the money and ship products to new members. Throughout last summer, they continued to add staff to meet the ever increasing demand for their services. Others tried to imitate their system, but came up short. Imitators often relied on other Coastal Vacations members to answer phones, which created an immediate conflict of interest. The Sales Center representatives have been required to sign a non-compete employment contract from day one. They cannot be members of Coastal and thus the Sales Center has avoided any conflict of interest problems.

Last August the Sales Center rolled out phase one of a business improvement project which will continue throughout this year. Phase one introduced a state-of-the-art marketing website members could use that kicked off the presentation with a fast paced flash movie. A training website that teaches members how to utilize over 170 marketing methods to promote their business made its debut at the same time. Phase one included five live conference calls a week. One is a training call for members, and the other four are introductory calls geared toward those looking for information about starting a business with the Sales Center.

Phase two of the improvement project began last month and is still under way. Phase two began when Sales Center manager Hoyt Farmer took over ownership from the system's founder.. The founder continues to be involved as a member of Coastal Vacations, and having the former sales manager take over the business cleared up any potential conflict of interest issues. Hoyt has run the day to day operations of the business for quite some time, and immediately made sweeping improvements to the system. He moved his sales staff to a new 1700 square foot facility and installed a new upgraded phone system that has allowed his staff to become more productive. Additions to the training website included a module on Internet marketing in which marketing guru Armand Moran teaches the members how to market more effectively on the Internet.

While some Coastal members who work outside the Sales Center system have been criticized for failing to provide training and support to their members, others have exploited their members by selling training and additional over priced tools to them. Record numbers have joined with the Sales Center because it is widely known that their members get the maximum support possible. It's not easy starting a new business and support is the key to success. Sales Center members have several layers of support, and that is causing them to have success in record numbers. Support starts with the new member's sponsor in the business. The person they join with will provide support for the new associate by helping them plug into the system and showing them how to market more effectively. Sales Center Level 3 Director Dean Marino provides his group with several cutting edge tools at no additional cost. Marino starts his associates with 3 Cd's loaded with training and marketing help. He provides all his associates with DVD presentations in both Spanish and English. Marino's personal training includes email training, live training calls he hosts, as well as one on one mentoring.

The Sales Center system provides the next layer of support with a concise marketing website, robust training website, live conference calls for prospects and live and recorded training calls. The live professional representatives at the company's call center facility provide the next layer of support. The representatives present the business and then follow up with prospects to close sales and collect the money for Sales Center members. The staff at the Sales Center even help new members set up their marketing website and ship the product to them.

In addition to the unprecedented support provided by the Sales Center system, members can also plug into the support provided by the Coastal Vacations Board of Directors which includes eight conference calls a week and the conference many of them are attending this month.

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