Revolutionary Book, 'Building a Noble World,' Unleashes the Power of Meditation to End Terror

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Shiv R. Jhawar, founder of Noble World Foundation, releases a powerful book, "Building a Noble World," to help bring a lasting peace to the world. According to Jhawar, the most effective way to stop terrorism, violence, oppression, hatred, deception, hypocrisy, and corruption is to improve the quality of the human mind through the practice of meditation.

Shiv R. Jhawar, founder of Noble World Foundation, promotes peace, harmony, and well-being in the world with the release of his revolutionary book, "Building a Noble World." Insightful, inspiring, and educational, the book offers practical spirituality for solving problems at personal and global levels. According to the author, the vision of building a noble world is not a dream, but an attainable and practical goal for the suffering and struggling humanity.

“If bad people cannot stop doing bad, why should good people stop doing good? Darkness is never removed by imposing a thicker darkness. To dispel darkness, we need to bring in light. In order to decrease evil or violence, the number of people evolving spiritually must increase,” says Jhawar in his thought-provoking book. This book is gaining momentum in popularity mainly because of its relevance to current world situation.

Jhawar suggests that the practice of meditation on a world-wide scale -- not the power of technology, money, or weapons-- can help win the “war on terrorism.” He goes so far as to say that the power of meditation is even greater than the power of an atom bomb.

Although war has been the overwhelming response to terrorism since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the author builds the case that an effective strategy must address terrorism’s root cause: the condition of the human mind. The human mind is prone to weaknesses such as anger, greed, jealousy, hatred, and egoism. According to the author, in order to overcome these mental weaknesses and to live in harmony with others, we must be able to connect with the spirit within each of us through meditation.

“Meditation can transform a person’s character, conduct, and behavior. Through the practice of meditation, lost energy is replenished, memory is improved, intellect is sharpened, and intuition is developed. Meditation removes all worries and tensions of the mind,” explains Jhawar.

The author makes a distinction between spirituality and religiosity, observing that religiosity divides and spirituality unites. The central theme of "Building a Noble World" revolves around the attainment of inner and outer peace and the unification of humanity. It presents a path for world peace by calling for a stronger United Nations, creating regional unions like the European Union, offering a solution to the Kashmir issue, and reconciling differences between religions.

Available at, "Building a Noble World" is a well-researched, easy to read book with sound concepts. The author supports his conclusions with quotes from world-renowned philosophers and spiritual leaders. He also shares his personal experience of a spiritual energy awakening called shaktipat, an experience of absolute reality transcending the physical body and mind.

J. V. Lakshmana Rao, Managing Editor of India Tribune, Chicago, writes in his Introduction to Building a Noble World : “It is my conviction that this book releases tremendous force that may ultimately help build a nobler world.”

"Building a Noble World" by Shiv R. Jhawar, softcover, 192 pages, $12.99, ISBN 0-9749197-0-5, available at, the United Nations Bookshop in New York, and other book stores.

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Shiv R. Jhawar, author of "Building a Noble World," and founder of Noble World Foundation is a captivating lecturer who blends spirituality, politics, history, and science in a unique and powerful way. Jhawar holds a Master’s degree in Accounting Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. An accountant by profession, he is an enrolled agent licensed to practice before the IRS.


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