Introducing Corneoplastique™: Art of Eye Surgery

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Corneal scars, Pterygium, Keratoconus, Lasik Complications, previous Radial Keratotomy, Corneal Transplants & Cataract surgery.

Can patient’s with corneal scars, pterygiums, Keratoconus, surgical mishaps and Lasik complications see 20/20 again?

Thanks to Corneoplastique™, in most cases these outcomes are now possible.

Internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of eye surgery, locally and worldwide, Ophthalmologist Arun Gulani of Jacksonville is forging new pathways to perfect vision. He performed the first artificial corneal transplant in the entire State of Florida.

Introducing Corneoplastique™, Dr.Gulani explained that this approach uses a full spectrum of surface eye surgeries singly or in stages to aim for perfecting vision in patients with corneal scars by preparing their cornea for final sculpting using the Excimer Laser (same laser used for Lasik surgery) in a therapeutic form irrespective of the cause of the scar (ie. Advanced pterygium, Keratoconus, Lasik complication, radial keratotomy, cataract surgery etc).

Thus Laser vision surgery is actually an integral part of Corneoplastique™ wherein an eye can be prepared for Laser Vision surgery and also repaired from Laser Vision surgery.

These skills will therewith raise the confidence of patients seeking Lasik surgery.

Dr. Gulani is a world resource for Lasik patients seeking second opinions or complication correction. He also serves as a consultant to the eye care Industry itself having authored books, textbook chapters and articles for medical journals, as well as invented award-winning instruments now in use by LASIK surgeons worldwide. “Dr. Gulani is a brilliant thinker who has designed some of the top-selling Bausch & Lomb instruments used in LASIK today,” said Dr. Paul Karpecki, Senior Clinical Consultant for Bausch & Lomb and Director of Research at in Kansas City, Kansas. “Jacksonville is lucky to have him.”

“You only have two eyes,” said Timothy Priano of Glamor Squads for Celebrities in Los Angeles. “I’ve worn glasses most of my life, and my goal was to get Lasik surgery done by the best. Dr. Gulani doesn’t just practice medicine. He teaches it. I went into the surgery knowing more about my eyes than I’ve ever known before, and knowing that I’d found the best doctor.”

Dr. Charles Adams, a local Lasik specialist for nearly twenty years, considers Gulani “a valuable resource.” “He’s one of those rare doctors that is willing to take on these extremely difficult cases and go the extra mile to get them a satisfactory outcome. “

Chairman of the University of Florida’s Ethics Committee, family practitioner Vincent Ober, notes that Gulani has a good reputation and is not afraid to be the “first doctor on the block to try a new procedure.” “For instance,” said Ober, “Someone had to be the first to use an artificial heart.”

From San Francisco to Washington, D.C.; from Paris to Hong Kong, and from local word of mouth as well, eye surgeons, industry specialists and patients are discovering Gulani’s new Vision Institute and traveling to Jacksonville as a vision destination for the world. “I have a passion to help people see,” said Gulani. “One of my goals is to continue refining the art of eye care until glasses are a thing of the past.”

“Dr. Gulani’s Corneoplastique™ is a beacon in the field of ophthalmology promising results that have never been offered before.”- Spencer Thornton, M.D.- Past President of American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery

LPN and Surgical Technician, Carolina Moreau of St. Augustine. “I’ve scrubbed for eye surgeons up and down the East Coast of Florida for 32 years and I’ve never seen any doctor doing the innovative things and producing the results Dr. Gulani does with his Corneoplastique™ techniques.

Recently appointed an honorary professor at the University of Alicante, Spain by Professor Jorge Alio, M.D., past-president of the European Society of Ophthalmologists, Dr. Gulani’s international contemporaries are among the finest surgeons in the world. "Dr. Gulani is known worldwide as an innovator and discoverer of surgical techniques, and he shares his expertise with the spirit of a professor." said Dr. Guillermo Avalos Urzua of Mexico, an internationally recognized Ophthalmologist.

Patients with corneal scars, corneal transplants, radial keratotomy, previous cataract surgery and Lasik complications have renewed hope to enhance their vision with Corneoplastique™.

Seeking better than 20/20 Lasik outcomes, Dr. Gulani recently incorporated the Pentacam which is the World’s first Scheimpflug Corneal imaging system to raise the bar on safety for patient selection in Lasik surgery.

With ongoing achievements at the Gulani Vision Institute in the field of Lasik and Corneoplastique™ that are raising the bar on vision enhancement both globally and locally, Dr. Arun C. Gulani is focusing the eyes of the world on Jacksonville.

For more information visit:

Gulani Vision Institute

Jacksonville, Florida 32216

Tel: 904-296-7393/1393

Fax: 904-296-0393

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