Moving Families Find Helpful Tips Online

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After selling your home, the hardest thing to do is pack up and take your stuff to your new home. Some families are going online and looking for new products to help save space during the biggest move of their life.

While getting rid of clutter and sentimental items, may be difficult, it opens the door for new items to come in and mean something to us.

When Lindsay Smith was getting ready to move, she was overwhelmed. “It wasn’t that we had to pick up everything and take it somewhere else, it was the incredible clutter that we had as a family,” she confesses. “I just couldn’t believe the stuff that was stashed all over the house. It had to be the most disorganized mess I’ve ever seen. And you just don’t realize it’s there, until you’re forced to look at it, all at once.”

After selling a house, this is a problem faced my thousands of families every year. Many home sellers are going online to find the tips and resources they need to complete the move as painlessly as possible.

After doing some searching online, Lindsay found a lifestyle consultant and got some advice on where to begin the process.

Amanda Furley, a lifestyle consultant, said that many people keep stuff they don't need, simply for sentimental reasons and this is one of the main reasons clutter happens. She added, “and other times because we are just too lazy to find a useful way to get rid of things we aren’t going to use anymore, but don’t like to waste.”

Amanda noted that, "While getting rid of clutter and sentimental items, may be difficult, it opens the door for new items to come in and mean something to us."

Taking such advice makes it easier to reduce, not only the clutter that was there, but the amount of boxes and goods that has to be moved.

“Not that there weren’t some squabbles,” Lindsay smiles. “But in the end, we managed to find new homes for a lot of toys, tools, outgrown clothes, books, and other things that ended up benefiting our church, and the some local charities. That made us all feel good, and me especially, because it was that much less I had to move.”

By going online, moving families can find tips and products to help speed up the process. From organizing tips, to space saving devices and even find a reputable moving company.

"The internet is a huge time saver when it comes to finding everything you need quickly," Amanda said.

Instead of making countless phone calls, internet users can find the tools they need to move, without spending so much money:

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