Fleeing Doctors Run No More; Pennsylvania Organization, MDS, Says They Have the Solution to the Rampant Malpractice Dilemma

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A company in Pennsylvania, founded by physicians and attorneys, has developed a solution to the rampant litigation and awards plaguing the medical community. For years, due to unbridled litigation, the threat of litigation and ridiculous judgments and settlements, doctors have been fleeing the areas they are needed the most to avoid persecution. Malpractice Defense Services provides a revolutionary approach to malpractice defense.

A company in Pennsylvania, founded by physicians and attorneys, has developed a solution to the rampant litigation and awards plaguing the medical community.

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In many states, medical practitioners are being subjected to a high number of frivolous lawsuits that affect the physicians' professional and private lives, as well as their accessibility to patients.

These suits, coupled with the resulting annual bump in medical malpractice premiums, have caused many physicians to flee to other, less dangerous, locations. This is especially the case in states in the Northeast such as Pennsylvania, the location of MDS' headquarters.

"People have been discussing what it would be like if it was difficult, if not impossible, to find a specialist in their own county or even state. Well, it's no longer a matter of 'what if'. Communities are losing great doctors due to the impotence of the current system", says Dr. Todd Morehouse, an ear, nose and throat surgeon and a Director at MDS.

"Unfortunately for the defendants involved in these protracted lawsuits, there is no one who is truly on their side", states attorney Todd Nurick, MDS' President and CEO. "The insurance-appointed attorneys are paid hourly. They are looking out for the best interests of the insurance company, not the doctor, and have no incentive to have the physician removed from the litigation as soon as possible."

Why is this?

"It's the result of what we call the 'Triple Threat'. The insurance company pays the insurance-appointed attorney’s bill;

It’s the insurance company’s money at stake in a settlement or judgment; and,

The insurance company directs the attorney’s actions.

The real client is the insurance company."

Seemingly, then, the doctors have no one looking out for them, making sure that their voice is heard.

Morehouse agrees, stating that, "Clearly, the current method for protecting yourself, as a practitioner, is not sufficient. This has resulted in higher judgments, higher settlements and longer litigation. That’s why premiums are increasing again in 2006."    

"Most medical practitioners have been forced to hire private counsel to augment the insurance-appointed counsel in malpractice litigation. That can cost from $10,000 to $40,000 or more", says Morehouse.

Both Nurick and Morehouse are confident that MDS is the solution to what they claim is a plague, especially in the Northeast.

Dr. Morehouse states, "MDS is a 'revolutionary approach to malpractice defense'."

"MDS is a retainer-based organization that was created to be more-than-affordable to the medical community. We provide the doctors with the highest level of malpractice defense. No more need to go running around trying to find an attorney at the last minute and shelling out perhaps tens of thousands of dollars at once. MDS is not there just before or at the beginning of litigation, but throughout the entire process."

MDS not only provides the practitioner with preventive information and advice, but will be there the second that doctor is named as a defendant in a lawsuit. “We don't just write a few letters threatening to sue back if the doc wins. We actually serve as the client's personal counsel throughout the entire litigation. The 'missing link', if you will", says Nurick.

Unlike other companies Nurick claims are "run by 'profiteers' with the goal of benefiting from the pain of the doctors and their communities, MDS, the 'original', serves as a physician's personal attorney."

And, unlike those other organizations Nurick refers to, MDS does not just write a few letters on the physicians' behalf and refer them to an outside law firm. MDS is committed to being the doctor's private counsel and colleague.

MDS' goal is to get the doctor out of any litigation as soon as possible, without stretching out the process to generate fees for plaintiff attorneys and insurance appointed defense attorneys. "We've found that most of the doctors named are not even targets of the litigation. They're just being named for the sake of greed."

Whose greed?

"We'll leave that to the public to answer. I believe in common sense, and I believe that common sense will eventually prevail. If we do our job the way it should be done, MDS will have a permanent effect on malpractice litigation and premiums", Nurick says.

Additionally, MDS’ fees may be deductible as a legitimate business expense. Check with your accountant.

About Malpractice Defense Services:

MDS was founded in 2004 by attorneys and physicians with the single goal of protecting physicians in litigation, preventing litigation and protecting the community.

MDS is dedicated to the permanent reduction of malpractice lawsuits, premiums, judgments and settlements via the active monitoring of, and aggressive intervention and participation in, malpractice litigation.

MDS is committed to the highest standards of ethics in law and medicine.

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