What Was This Guy Thinking About – Obviously Not Much

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Affiliate puts himself in handcuffs in hopes of getting himself to the WSOP main event.

not the brightest banana in the bunch

Poker has become popular again, that’s old news. Surf the net long enough and you can find some people that make you wonder, that’s pretty much a given also. The WSOP Main Event had some 6500 entries last year. Some qualified by satellites that were held online and at brick and mortar casinos; others just went ahead and handed over the 10 grand.

So no one should be surprised that now a guy has put himself in handcuffs and is swearing he will keep them on until he satisfies a deal he made. Apparently there is an affiliate who as he freely admits, and most will probably agree, is “not the brightest banana in the bunch”.

This guy takes a challenge by a marketing manager buddy of his to send two thousand players to an online poker room before he takes off the cuffs. He says the guy just doesn’t understand the popularity of the game, especially online. If and when it’s accomplished, he not only gets released, but his buddy pays the entry into the number one poker event in the world. Let’s think about this for just a second...

If you have ever had the unfortunate set of circumstances to have worn a pair of handcuffs for even an hour, you know how uncomfortable it can be. To have to wear those 24 hours a day would be more than the normal person could take. But then again, anybody that would agree to something like this can’t be to close to normal anyways.

Imagine if you will, having your hands close together and trying to do everyday tasks. You know the simple stuff we do without even thinking about it. Eating, drinking, sleeping all seems pretty easy, though sleeping may be a bit on the weird side. When you start to think about driving a car, dressing yourself, going to the restroom, that’s when you start to realize just how crazy this stunt is.

According to his web site, http://www.yougotthekey.com, it’s been four days since the deal was made. After four days in cuffs, most would be in a straight jacket. This guy is thinking it may be a week, maybe ten days at the most. Let’s take a look at the math...

2,000 minus 114 leaves 1,886 players to be signed.

114 players divided by 4 days equals 28.5 players signed a day.

1,886 players left divided by 28.5 equals 66 days to complete

Just personal opinion, but unless something changes quickly, the next thing we’ll most likely see is this guy on the evening news. And it won’t be for getting the cuffs off.

All I've got to say to this guy is good luck... variety of life is what makes the world go round and people like you definitely supply the variety.


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