27,000 New Toll Free Vanity Numbers Become Available

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Only a couple industry insiders have ever had access to this information in the past and have always kept this a closely guarded secret so they could get the best numbers for themselves. Today, in a surprising industry first, designed to shake things up, TollFreeNumbers.com just published and made this valuable information public for the first time ever. This list contains of thousands of valuable vanity numbers becoming available within the next 30 days.

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We help end users get memorable vanity numbers that spell things, which THEY OWN. We are the only organization that helps companies get numbers that they own and can transfer to any company they want for the ongoing service.

TollFreeNumbers.com, a company that helps clients find vanity toll free numbers, took that goal to an extreme today. They released to the general public for free, what could be considered their most valuable asset, the complete vanity number list of all the most valuable vanity numbers coming out of disconnect within the next 30 days. This list, which was published for the first time on their website, includes over 1200 pure vanity numbers, or numbers that spell things like 888-MONKEES or 1-800 GOLD-FISH. It also includes over 26,000 six digit vanity names such as 800-2-MARINE or 888-8-SERVICES. Visitors will have to look through these large lists to find the gems which relate to their industry, but this is much easier than the old way of finding numbers and will definitely help customers find valuable numbers.

Memorable toll free numbers (aka vanity numbers) have long proven to be extremely value for advertisers, increasing their response rate to all their advertising. Many of these numbers that have been disconnected and are being returned to the pool would easily be valued at thousands or tens of thousands of dollars each.

The only other companies who have this closely guarded information use it internally in order to acquire as many of the most valuable numbers as they can. They often try to "rent" them to customers on a monthly basis. TollFreeNumbers.com is unique within the industry and does this differently, it's Founder Bill Quimby explained. "We help end users get memorable vanity numbers that spell things, which THEY OWN. We are the only organization that helps companies get numbers that they own and can transfer to any company they want for the ongoing service."

Even the largest customers and most phone companies have no other way tracking and finding good numbers in disconnect. The toll free number lookup tool at TollFreeNumbers.com is the only lookup tool of it's kind, that shows numbers in disconnect because it takes a lot additional work to recognize these numbers. Even the AT&T lookup tool for example won't show you any of these numbers. But being able to see that a numbers is in disconnect is only half the challenge. The other half is knowing which of the almost 32 million toll free numbers and the 700,000 #s in disconnect spell things which could be helpful someone.

TollFreeNumbers.com has two different types of totally free lookup tools available on their website to find great vanity numbers. They are by far the most popular website and service for toll free number information and process between 10,000 and 15,000 free queries per day. Their queries are designed to help find good numbers related to specific words or phrases. This new list is essentially going the other direction, looking to see the total list of all numbers available instead of focusing on things specifically related to your keyword. this list makes it much easier to find a good number overall and highlights the difference between TollFreeNumbers.com and everyone else in the vanity number business.

TollFreeNumbers.com also has also announced plans to offer an even better list of all disconnected numbers in the next 3 months for a fee and currently has the only backorder system to get good numbers in the first second after they come out of disconnect. There are great numbers becoming available for a lot of organizations. The trick is just to find the right numbers and get the information to the companies that can use it when they need it. A memorable phone number is a valuable asset for almost any organization and these free tools and lists at TollFreeNumbers.com can make the otherwise seemingly impossible task of getting a good number, much easier.

The full list of numbers is available here: http://www.tollfreenumbers.com/30days.shtml


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