Garden Experts at Eden Bioscience Say Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle for the Garden and Grow Lush, Lovely Plants

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Garden experts at Eden Bioscience offers suggestions on how home gardeners can grow healthier, more robust plants with a plant health activator called Messenger.

Almost everyone agrees that there are benefits to living a healthy lifestyle... we have more energy, we are more alert and productive.

People who make good lifestyle choices get sick less often and when they do get hit with the occasional cold, it doesn’t wipe them out.

Jeff McClellan, a horticultural specialist with Eden Bioscience, says the same concept can be applied to the plants in the garden.

"Using Messenger, a plant health activator, is part of a healthy lifestyle for plants," says McClellan. "Plants treated with Messenger will get sick less often and if they do get a disease they will tolerate it better."

Messenger is the “incentive” a plant needs to make healthy lifestyle changes - from the inside-out.

Bottom line: Using Messenger is a proactive approach to growing a healthy, productive garden. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur and then trying to fix it, use Messenger as a part of a healthy garden. Keep plants stronger, healthier, and more productive - from the inside-out.

Take a real world example of this from Joe Lamp’l of The joe gardener Co. (

"I first learned about Messenger™ several years ago while touring a private garden containing hundreds of tomato plants. I’ve seen plenty of tomato plants but these were stunning. They were at least 6’ tall, robust, pest and disease-free and full of fruit. When I found out they were heirloom tomatoes I was fascinated. How could plants not bred for pest and disease resistance be so healthy, especially when the gardener did not use pesticides in his garden?

Clearly he was doing something different. I had to know more so I asked the owner his secret. He was using a product called Messenger which I later learned is a naturally occurring protein, harpin. He gave me quite a lesson which I barely understood at the time.

I was so impressed with the results I had witnessed, I contacted the company that makes this product. Their scientist patiently and clearly explained how this harpin protein boosts a plant’s immune system and stimulates growth. They graciously provided samples for me to try.

I decided to experiment on the TV set of my show “Fresh From the Garden”. We used Messenger on a variety of plants spraying a test group and treating the others normally. We even wrote our experiment into the show not knowing how it would turn out. This was quite a risky endeavor from a TV production standpoint!

As the season progressed there was a noticeable difference between the treated and non-treated plants. The Messenger treated plants were more vigorous, healthier and produced more fruit. Although not a sophisticated experiment, the results really had my attention. Not ready to whole-heartedly endorse Messenger yet, I did further research and used it again the following year with similar, impressive results.

Although a skeptic at heart, I’m now convinced of Messenger’s effectiveness. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and tasted the results! As we seek out Smart Resources for Better Gardening™, Messenger is certainly worthy of that recognition and was named one of THE BEST OF THE MUST-HAVES™ by The joe gardener Company for 2005.

Now, when I think of proactive ways to create a healthy, thriving garden, Messenger is one of the first things I reach for. I can’t imagine a season without it.”

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