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DataQwest Technologies has announced major enhancements to MDB Artisan for Microsoft Access, improving documentation, analysis and administration. LDB Spy (identifying IP and Hostname of all users), thorough Macro details and cross-referencing and saving results to external files are the top three.

DataQwest Technologies has announced major enhancements to MDB Artisan for Microsoft Access that further provide a cost-effective, intuitive toolset for customers and partners to manage, document and administer their MS Access databases.

Recent Enhancements

Available for free download from, this database analysis and documentation software package promises to fill a long-awaited niche among Access specialists seeking easy navigation and “quick click” cross-referencing with Windows Explorer look and feel.

This release inventories every database object and presents the user with an explorer-style Treeview list of all Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Data Access Pages, Macros, Modules and Import/Export Specifications Until now, complete Macro analysis and cross referencing has been unavailable, The latest version will accurately identify all other database object references, embedded deep within complex Macro scripts.

Who is accessing the database? LDB Spy, a feature built directly within MDB Artisan will identify everyone (with hostname and IP address) currently accessing any MS Access database.

Analysis results can now be saved to external files. This is a major convenience when you have to exit the application knowing you will need to review the results at a later time. Re-loading is quick and complete.

With only 2-3 mouse clicks, all summary reports can now be exported to either Text or RTF files in a specified directory.

Additionally, there have been several behind-the-scenes improvements across the board to pre-existing functionality

With MDB Artisan, a thorough analysis of any database yields full cross-reference transparency between tables, forms, queries and reports. All precedents and dependents are clearly identifiable and drillable.

Module code can be printed directly from MDB Artisan, either with or without line numbering. The software goes an additional step and allows you to highlight every other line of printed code for improved readability. VBA code printing from standard Modules has never been this easy.


The retail version of Microsoft Access 2003 boasts a long-awaited Object Dependency utility, allowing users to easily identify object relationships. The following comparative analysis reveals what an invaluable tool MDB Artisan proves for users of all levels.

Features         MDB Artisan    MS Access Viewer

Analysis : Tables    Yes         Yes

Analysis : Forms    Yes         Yes

Analysis : Reports    Yes         Yes

Analysis : Macros    Yes         Yes

Analysis : Queries    Yes         Yes

Analysis : Modules    Yes         Yes

Cross-Ref: Form Modules    Yes         No

Cross Ref: Macros    Yes         No

Cross-Ref: Report Modules Yes         No

Cross-Ref: Standard Modules Yes         No

Query Type Identification Yes     No

Identification of target table in Make Table Queries    Yes    No

Identify Dependents     Yes         Yes

Identify Precedents     Yes         Yes

Summary Reports             Yes         No

Printable Cross-Ref Tree Yes         No

Save Analysis Results     Yes         No

Additional Database Management Tools    Yes    No

Requires Track Name AutoCorrect Option to be turned “on” in MS Access for complete analysis    No    Yes

Clearly, MDB Artisan offers MS Access users an additional edge when building applications. While having the new object dependency feature is clearly a boon to some users, requiring Track Name AutoCorrect to be turned “on” in MS Access is more resource intensive than having it turned off. MDB Artisan functions independently of this Access setting, which DataQwest sees as a comparative advantage.

It comes packed with a suite of utilities that let you view database Properties, link Tables, view Relationships, lookup text in Query SQL statements and view operating & Windows system information. Other features are bundled with MDB Artisan that will surely give MS Access users a less than easily attainable “edge” in their tasks.

Finally, MDB Artisan allows “quick-click” scripting of any table selected to a new query (Select, Update, Append or Delete) window.

MDB Artisan is priced at $99 (USD) per seat. Trial versions will run without limitations for a full thirty (30) days from first usage.    All purchases come with FREE technical support and upgrades based on availability.

About DataQwest

DataQwest Technologies has been a worldwide supplier of MS-Access software and services since 1998. Co-founder, Jonathan Hettena has had several articles featured in a leading Microsoft Access publication. For additional information, contact (516) 650-9890.

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