Conquering the Demons of Internet Dating

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The demons of Internet dating continue to envelope the single surfers. It is about time this changed but how can these problems be addressed and ultimately conquered.

New site, believes it has come up with a unique design that can heal the scarred reputation of online dating.

The main strength of is the immediate impact it has on the visitor, putting the profiles together as an integral part of its design. This image orientated display (which consists of 192 faces) presents a unique and interesting mosaic of potentials. This is not dissimilar to walking into a singles bar and seeing many faces in a crowd. Further to this, users are free to browse without the fear of being forced to signup, unlike many of the other major dating sites. The square face image and the mouse-over catchphrase is so simple yet has endless scope for creativity.

The personal approach that adopts encourages members to become an active part of its development and a forum where they can form friendships and discuss issues. This forum offers a common ground where various topics allow members to express their views and develop their character outside the confines of a profile. Therefore, the more a member participates, the more attention they receive. This allows them to become accustom to one another on neutral territory making first private contact easier.

With todays worries over fake profiles/scam artists being rife amongst many dating sites, many members are reportedly being bombarded by emails requesting money or some kind of monetary deal, the most popular of these comes in the form of an email, informing them of an untimely death of a close relative. It goes on to mention that they been left a substantial amount of money requesting help to wire transfer these funds with a promise of 10-15% of the total. Then, of course, there is the 'sleeper' profile, usually a woman with a superior photo to that of many fellow members awaiting men to contact them. Once lured, the trap begins, without realising that in fact they are most likely Russian/Nigerian men trying to defraud you of your money.

The difference with PickMeQuick is, that it plans to make it impossible for these profiles to be placed on their site, David Lythgoe, site manger, expresses this by saying 'all new profiles are manually screened by the best anti spam software, the human brain' he goes on to say ' it of course makes the process very labour intensive and if we have any doubts over someone's profile we will automatically reject them.' Of course this problem, he feels, will be eliminated fully once the 5000 free life time memberships are up, adding 'we plan to charge members $3 a month, they must pay in order to put up a profile, this will weed out any potential unwanted guests as sites that offer free profiles will become easier targets.'

Visitors to the PMQ will be able to easily browse all of its member database and read posts on the forum allowing them to get a feel for the site before the need to sign up, there’s no pushy sales tactics employed here, the creators hope that its unique design and incredibly easy-to-use interface will be more than enough to attract potential members. They wish to disassociate themselves from what they call 'Mouse Trap' marketing. David refers to 'Mouse Trap' marketing as 'a way in which customers are trapped into a situation where their response will mean a likely sale for the company who entrapped them.'

Many people have experienced this but just don’t realise it, for example, in order to look at other profiles Internet dating users must create a profile, once their profile is posted they commence on their search only to find that contact with another member or use of the sites functions requires payment, even to know who’s looked at you requires them to become paying members, along with this their are many stories of users being contacted by fake profiles, created only to entice them to sign up, because to reply they must pay. Of course in many respects a dating site is only as good as its database, so it becomes a major selling factor hence the ease in which you can create a free profile but if you take one well known dating site for example, it has over 3 million members but only 240,000 paying members.

It's about time the online dating model changed and the prices came down. The reason why the prices are so high is simply because there is no innovative competition for others to turn to. Instead of exploiting peoples insecurities with love promises and air-brushed images, this site will provide a genuine meeting ground which will have all the functionality of the big sites and more, the features will be added as the site grows with the influence of its members having a say in its design all tailored towards one goal, conquering the demons of internet dating.


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