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A new web site, Tastebeer.com.au, educates consumers about beer selection and the art of beer tasting. The site features easy-to-follow guides on how to taste beer and how to conduct beer tastings, complete with interactive, visitor rated and ranked lists of tested beers, entertaining beer reviews and a forum.

The Tastebeer project was born out of a surprising discovery about why average consumers drink the beer they drink. The web site Tastebeer.com.au claims that for most beer drinkers, taste plays only a minor role in beer selection, and features articles and guides designed to introduce consumers to art of beer tasting.

Unlike wine tasting, beer tasting is not typically seen as a skill requiring expert knowledge. In fact, most casual beer drinkers have never made a conscious effort to compare one beer with another, let alone compare a range of beers in a blind trial under controlled conditions.

Dr Markus Weichselbaum, former medical researcher and director of the Tastebeer project, remarks that "advertising, peer pressure and socio-economic factors have a much greater influence on the average beer drinker's selection of beer than the beer's actual taste. Tastebeer.com.au's goal is to educate casual beer drinkers and help put the taste back into beer drinking."

Tastebeer.com.au features the results from a number of beer tasting sessions conducted as blind trials. The testing panel comprised regular (but non-expert) beer drinkers who rated and reviewed each beer using standardised tasting criteria.

The range of beers tested featured the most popular beers available in Australia, in particular Western Australia. Surprisingly, the tasters discovered that they were unable to recognise their so-called 'favourite' beers, and consistently rated them well below average.

This process of discovery prompted the team behind tastebeer.com.au to share this process with the general public, in a way that is non-biased, scientific and reproducible, yet very easy to follow, and above all, fun and educational.

"Learning the art of beer appreciation, in a 100% non-biased way, is a simple and fun process that teaches anyone how to separate beers that actually taste good from those that are popular because of savvy marketing and brand saturation. When it comes to beer, don't trust advertising, trust your tastebuds", says Dr Weichselbaum.

"The people who will benefit most from this project are casual beer drinkers, who have yet to fully appreciate how much more enjoyable beer drinking can be when they know what to look for. For this, we're offering simple instructions on how to taste beer and how to organise a beer tasting that anyone can follow."

The results of the beer tasting sessions can be found at the taste beer website, complete with taster's comments and equally entertaining photographs documenting the tasting sessions. Visitors are invited to rate the beers featured, as well as share their opinions and comments with the beer-drinking community. The site features a fun beer quiz and lively forum with discussions on beer taste, tasting and everything else that is beer-related.

Talented writers who are passionate about beer are encouraged to contribute to the project by providing beer reviews, opinion pieces and articles about their experiences with beer tasting and beer appreciation.


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