“Carry Trades Are Warning: Be Worried, Not Happy" the Latest From Capuchinomics.com on Elevated Risk Levels in Financial Markets Today

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A housing bubble bust and the end of carry trade living are just two of the many catalytic ingredients available to disrupt markets. The US government stands one week away from defaulting on its debt.

Please visit Capuchinomics.com to read the FREE editorial “Carry trades are warning: Be worried, not happy" or subscribe to the Capuchinomics newsletter to read our views on stocks, bonds, energy, precious metals and currency markets. Inside our newsletter we provide specific opinions on these markets and specific investment ideas determined through use of behavioral finance techniques. Capuchinomics and its editor and publisher Paul Mampilly, this week note that "a markup of risk and markdown in return expectations is in the offing." According to Mampilly's editorial in Capuchinomics "Carry trades are warning: Be worried, not happy," "this re-rating of risk and return will separate the 'has-beens' from the new market leaders and set the course for financial markets for a decade or more."

Capuchinomics has specific stock and ETF ideas that it believes will be among the new market leaders. Capuchinomics has also identified stocks & ETFs that in its view are the "has-beens." These stocks are listed and tracked each week in the Risk & Return Grid for subscribers. Our positively rated stocks are of companies that are participating in and catalyzing the epochal changes brought about by the extraordinary developments of the last century which include globalization, the internet, the sequencing of the human genome, etc. Our negatively rated stocks are the "has beens" and we expect these stocks to stagnate or decline and underperform our positively rated stocks. The Risk and Return Grid is a regular weekly section that lists stocks and ETFs by themes like "Biotech, the new pharma" and "Bursting the US asset bubble" and "From analog to digital" and "Energy as a consumer staple" and "New Green Revolution" and also by positive/negative rating.

Capuchinomics (http://www.capuchinomics.com) is a weekly financial newsletter that employs behavioral finance based techniques to forecast and analyze trends in the financial and securities markets. Capuchinomics is inspired by a social experiment involving Capuchin monkeys. The Capuchin monkey experiment illustrates that financial behavior is driven by social notions of fairness, greed, equity and predictable emotional logic that can be used to identify trends in the financial and securities markets.

Paul Mampilly CFA is the editor of Capuchinomics and a leader in the use of Behavioral Finance decision making with respect to stock, bond and commodity markets. His commentaries on financial Markets have been published by The Daily Reckoning, [email protected], 24HPM.com, Google News, GSE Reports, Peak Oil, Unknown News, Gold Investments, and Safe Haven. Capuchinomics is a division of The Capuchin Group LLC.

Paul Mampilly, CFA can be reached at 718-577-1359 or at capuchinomics.at.gmail.com or through http://www.capuchinomics.com

Capuchinomics is a division of The Capuchin Group LLC is NOT a Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and does NOT give individual investment advice. Our comments are an expression of OPINION ONLY and should NOT be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock, option, future, bond, commodity or any other financial instrument at any time.


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