International Scientists Uncover Secret Historical Documents

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The Word Organization of Manuscript Preservation, an archeological and scientific group dedicated to preserving history's written word, will finally unveil secret documents written by history's most famous personalities this April, 2006. The documents include writings by such figures as Napoleon, L. Ron Hubbard, Richard Nixon, John Wilkes Booth and Gandhi.

The World Organization of Manuscript Preservation, an archeological and scientific group dedicated to protecting the writings of history, will finally reveal their stunning collection of unearthed documents to the public in April 2006.

Containing hand-written and digital documents crafted by such notables as John Wilkes Booth, Napoleon Bonaparte, Richard Nixon, L. Ron Hubbard, Benjamin Franklin and Gandhi -- these stunning documents will forever change how the world looks at history.

Founded in 1721 by Polish historian Ivan R. Davidovich, The World Organization of Manuscript Preservation (W.O.M.P.) is a non-profit, privately-funded research organization whose tradition of “keeping history’s flame alive through the sharing of ancient digital documents” originated almost twelve generations ago in the early to mid-1700’s.

Davidovich’s legacy, which would continue to inspire over the next three centuries, would result in the unearthing of over 150 different historical documents as written by some of history’s most well-known figures. Currently housed in their Stockholm, Sweden headquarters, finally making such documents available to the general public was an important goal of current WOMP curator, Paul Davidson.

“History is not meant to be protected and packed away in a dark basement,” said Davidson. “These documents are not the property of any one person or organization. These writings belong to the people of this planet and that was our primary reason for deciding to make them available to the public.”

The entire WOMP collection contains over 150 never-before-seen writings by well-known historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Richard Nixon, Josef Stalin, John Wilkes Booth, Charles Lindburgh, George Burns, Joseph McCarthy, Attila the Hun, Joan of Arc, L. Ron Hubbard, Benjamin Franklin and even Mahatma Gandhi.

“While the International Scientific Community might have questioned the validity of these writings a century or two ago,” explained Davidson, “the evidence we will make public this month cannot be challenged – there is no doubt in our minds that what we have here is one of the most important historical collections ever to be revealed.”

Beginning April 2006, the documents will be on display at the WOMP’s Stockholm, Sweden headquarters located at 8-18 Djurgardsvagen, adjacent to Stockholm’s art district and the well-known museum, Nordiska Museet. For those unable to view the documents in public, reproductions of the documents will be for sale in a bound-format beginning on May 8th, 2006 and available through the WOMP’s official website.

For additional information on the World Organization of Manuscript Preservation please contact Paul Davidson or visit

About The World Organization of Manuscript Preservation:

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the WOMP continues to uncover and preserve history’s most important voices through the sharing of their written documents and journals. The year 2006 marks the first time in WOMP’s extended history that such documents have been made available to the general public through the publishing of the WOMP’s archival compendium.


Paul Davidson, curator

World Organization of Manuscript Preservation



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