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A report by the DMA reveals that despite record spending on direct mail, response rates have continued to decline. The proposed solution? Promotional mailers.

Recent direct mail reports reveal that despite record spending on direct mail response rates continue to drop. The reason, according to several direct mail experts, is that there are simply too many direct mail solicitations, resulting in most direct mail being summarily tossed.

Direct mail has long been considered the gold standard in marketing. Highly successful and cost-effective, it has the advantage of conveying a clear message to the target audience. That is one reason why there is such an abundance of direct mail – it works and most businesses use it.

Due to the large amount of direct mail that is received by consumers everyday the key to success of any direct mail campaign is to find a way to stand out from the mass of junk that invades mailboxes each day. Amid the flurry of direct mail offerings, postcard magnets have emerged as one of the most effective strategies.

American Printing & Promotions, LLC launched http://www.postcardmagnet.com to provide business owners with a more powerful alternative to paper mailers. Unlike paper announcements, magnets stand out in the mail and make their way right on to the fridge. They end up in a place where they will be seen day in and day out for months and years to come.

“Useful”, “Practical”, and “cost-effective” are how magnet mailers have been defined. In fact, magnet mailers are read 51.9 percent more often than traditional postcards.

“Different is good”, says Ryan Christensen, Owner and CEO of American Printing & Promotions, LLC. “Effective marketing includes differentiating yourself from your competitors. That includes not only your products and service, but your direct mail as well.”

Ryan Christensen has been owner of American Printing since 2001. His purpose in launching http://www.postcardmagnet.com was “to offer business owners a better and more powerful solution to regular postcards, which just end up in the garbage.” He reports that interest in postcard magnet mailers has increased.

“I think there are a lot of business owners out there looking for something to give their direct mail campaigns a boost. Magnet mailers are usually just what they are looking for.”

Business owners wanting to ensure that their message is seen repeatedly often choose magnet mailers to guarantee that marketing translates into new business. Magnet advertisements have been shown to be highly effective.

“What other mailer can you send out that will provide the same kind of long term exposure you can get with a magnet?” asks Christensen. “Postcards get ignored, thrown away or lost. A magnet goes directly to the fridge; and it’s going to stay there for years. You can’t get that kind of exposure with anything else.”

http://www.postcardmagnet.com specializes in producing high quality, professional magnets that will attract ongoing attention from potential clientele. Colorful, creative, and effective, their products are smart, cost-effective ways to boost business. For more information and to request a free sample visit: http://www.postcardmagnet.com or call 1-800-660-8668 or 801-636-5357.


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