Atlanta Carpet Company Offers Tips for Successful Product Selection

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Simply Floored Helps Homeowners Select Right Performance Level of Atlanta Carpet.

Homeowners who visit flooring stores are faced with rows and rows of carpet samples that all look alike and sales people who often can’t explain the differences in products. As a result, most homeowners tend to focus their decision making on the design aspect – colors, patterns, textures and styles.

Simply Floored, an innovative flooring company that brings the store to your home, is helping homeowners simplify the carpet selection process. In addition to offering complimentary in-home flooring consultations, Simply Floored provides online resources and tips for purchasing Atlanta carpet.

“Shopping for carpet can be an overwhelming experience,” said Jarod Harriman, Director of Merchandising of Simply Floored. “Homeowners who visit flooring stores are faced with rows and rows of carpet samples that all look alike and sales people who often can’t explain the differences in products. As a result, most homeowners tend to focus their decision making on the design aspect – colors, patterns, textures and styles.”

But according to Harriman, the key to successful carpet selection begins with evaluating the carpet performance – in other words, how the carpet will stand up best to regular wear and tear.

He notes that carpet performance is determined by four factors:

  •     The fiber used to make the yarn;
  •     How the carpet is constructed;
  •     The carpet backing; and
  •     The pad over which the carpet is installed.


Most carpet today is manufactured with synthetic, or man-made, fibers. The fiber represents 75% of the cost of making carpet, so the type of fiber has a significant impact on carpet price. The three most common fibers are olefin, polyester or nylon.

1.    Olefin is a relatively inexpensive fiber used to make cheaper Berbers. It is solution dyed, which means the color is added as the yarn is produced. This “locks in” the color, creating a fiber that is highly resistant to staining and fading. However, Olefin is not as resilient as other man-made fibers, and is more likely to crush and matte over time. Olefin also has an oily residue on its surface, causing dirt to adhere to the yarn, so Olefin carpet is more likely to appear soiled over time.

2.    Polyester is the most widely used fiber for residential carpets because it is relatively soft, inherently stain and fade resistant, can be made in rich, bright colors (because it’s dyed after the yarn is produced) and is very affordable. With advances in engineering, premium Polyester fibers are now available offering some of the best values in Atlanta carpet, with increased softness and enhanced durability.

3.    Nylon is the premium man-made fiber, offering more value for the money than any other carpet fiber. Nylon is incredibly soft, durable and resilient. It is highly resistant to wear, stains and fading and is available in a wide array of colors, from softer neutrals to bright, bold colors. Special branded nylon fibers, such as PermaSoft Nylon from Beaulieu or DuPont’s STAINMASTER Tactesse Nylon, have been developed using state-of-the-art technology to produce softer, yet even more durable and stain resistant carpets.

Carpet Construction

How a carpet is constructed impacts how the carpet will stand up to daily wear.

Twist refers to how tightly the yarns in each tuft are twisted together. A tighter twist produces a carpet with more consistency in appearance and greater resistance to matting and traffic. Carpets with low twist are more likely to become unraveled and fray at the ends over time. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive carpet featuring high pile height but less twist, creating the appearance of a fuller yarn. Over time, the yarn will unravel or “flower”.

Density is a factor of weight, pile height and, most importantly, how close the tufts are spaced together. Tufts that are closer together are higher in density resulting in better performance. Measure density by pressing down on the carpet with one finger and seeing how easy or difficult it is to penetrate the backing. Better, denser carpets are more difficult to penetrate.

Most sales people focus on carpet “weight”, but weight by itself does not reveal the carpet’s quality. Density is a much more critical measure of a carpet’s performance. Beware of lower-priced Atlanta carpets that feature relatively high weight in ounces but low density, as they tend to matte and crush very easily.

Carpet Backing

Yarn is stitched through a backing material to create tufts. The carpet backing holds the yarn in place. The quality of the backing impacts the carpet’s durability, seam strength and overall appearance. Standard backing is made from woven polypropylene. Less quality carpets use backing made from cheaper chemicals that make the backing tough and brittle. Over time, the backing loosens up, causing the carpet to sag and wrinkle.

Premium carpet backing, made from fiber, offers many benefits over standard backing. Premium backing is softer and more flexible, making the carpet more comfortable to walk on. Premium backing also produces cleaner seams that are less vulnerable to peaking and are woven so tight that spills stay above the pad longer, providing more time to clean before it stains the carpet.

Carpet Pad

In terms of a carpet’s performance, carpet pad is as important as the carpet itself. Carpet pad helps increase comfort and maintain the carpet’s original appearance by absorbing foot traffic and improving the efficiency of vacuuming. Selecting the “correct” pad (as specified by the manufacturer) helps minimize matting and crushing, as well as soiling and staining. A quality pad can increase the useful life of carpet by 50%, allowing the carpet to maintain its pile height and stay looking new longer. Most importantly, using a pad that does not meet manufacturer specifications (or reusing the existing pad instead of replacing it with new pad) voids product warranties.

About Atlanta Carpet Company Simply Floored

Simply Floored is an innovative provider of in-home flooring services. The Atlanta flooring company brings the store to your home, offering more than 1,800 flooring options, a dedicated design consultation, professional installation and total project management, from start to finish. Simply Floored’s residential flooring services currently are available throughout metropolitan Atlanta. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit or call 1-800-FLOORED.


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