Renowned Painter, Ted Ellis, Makes a Long Awaited International Trek to the 'City of Light,' Paris, France This Week

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On the heels of a successful run at New York’s 2006 National Black Fine Art Show, renowned artist, Ted Ellis, makes an international trek this week to ‘The City of Light,’ Paris, France.

On the heels of a successful run at New York’s 2006 National Black Fine Art Show, renowned artist, Ted Ellis, makes an international trek this week to ‘The City of Light,’ Paris, France. Ellis makes his pilgrimage to the art mecca of the world, treading in the footsteps of his predecessors, famous African American artists, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Buford Delaney and Lois Mailou Jones. His tour includes a special stop in Montmartre, once considered ‘The Harlem of Paris,’ a thriving district of African American artists, musicians, historians and political exiles during the 20’s and 30’s, mirroring the artistic expression and activism of the Harlem Renaissance in New York.

Ellis looks forward to experiencing the “joie de art” by painting in the city that has captured his attention through the years, gaining artistic inspiration by exploring the richly unique cultural experience that only Paris can offer. Tours of Versailles, The Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, and the famed historical and contemporary art scenes are planned. A native of New Orleans, the trip to Paris also serves as a historical link to many of the cultural roots of his hometown, often called ‘The Paris of the Americas.’

Upon his return later in March, Ellis is scheduled to begin showcasing paintings from his nationally acclaimed series ‘Celebrating American Life and Culture’ for an extended run at the Power Center; a successful, multi-million dollar, multi-use complex designed to address the educational, economical, social, spiritual, cultural, and medical needs of African American communities in Houston, Texas.

Ellis’ long awaited visit to Paris serves as a refreshing creative break after completing an intense tour during Black History Month of his fine art exhibit, ‘Spirit of the South’, a tribute to the Southern culture and heritage of African Americans. A self-taught painter, Ellis has been recognized as one of the most celebrated artists of the 21st century. A proud son of the South, Ellis’ Southern roots extend deep into his craft. The series, ‘Spirit of the South’, opens a historic window into the rich cultural life and heritage of the revered characters of his childhood. In particular, the rural life scenes follow Ellis’ soulful and familiar images through poignant settings, allowing the viewer to linger with them as they tend to everyday chores, tackle back-breaking but not spirit-breaking work, take a break to go fishing, and walk with heads held high to church on Sunday Morning. His signature style of using broad brush strokes and emotionally charged colors, invite you to genuinely feel the aura of each moment expressed. All of the paintings in the series are acrylics on canvas, Ellis’ current medium of choice.

When asked to describe his passion, he states with emotion, "I take pride and pleasure in capturing the essence of a particular subject and manifesting it on canvas, knowing it will last as an eternal memory." ‘Spirit of the South’ is an invitation to step into a time in history and not only experience the brilliant visual images of Ellis’ memories with your eyes but to also ‘hear’ them with the voice that is Ellis' canvas.

About the artist

Ted Ellis is one of the leading African American contemporary artists capturing American culture and heritage. Referring to himself as a ‘creative historian’, Ellis’ visual narratives in his famed series ‘Celebrating American Life and Culture,’ document the passion, dignity, strength and unyielding courage of his subjects. Boldly blending realism and impressionism, evoking nostalgia and inspiration, the series vividly pans through the social, spiritual, work and family life of his characters, creating a cultural heirloom for African Americans and a national treasure for America.

Ellis is currently working on a captivating new series of paintings, appropriately titled “Healing, Hope and Rebirth,” depicting the needed process of healing, the embrace of hope, and the deeply innate goal of rebirth for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Expressing grave concern for the large numbers of people still displaced without housing, jobs, and medical care, Ellis is determined to make this series one of the catalysts that encourages the nation to continue supporting the ongoing relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

About the company

T. Ellis Fine Art, Inc. was founded in 1991 and offers a wide variety of themes spanning from contemporary to traditional, including religious and historical settings. The collection includes a large number of original drawings, prints, hand-embellished etchings, and textured prints. The business has sold over 1,750,000 prints and posters and has developed a prestigious and dedicated client base of private collectors and organizations throughout the country. Major corporations have commissioned Ellis; a few of which include: Pepsi Cola, Walt Disney Studios, Exxon/Mobil, Merck, State Farm, The Minute Maid Company, The Coca-Cola Company, The Phillip Morris Corporation, and Avon Incorporated.

Through the 501(c) organization, Community Arts Initiative, Inc., Ellis generously contributes time and artwork to various causes sponsored by the organizations previously mentioned in addition to: The United Way, Links, Jack and Jill of America, and various public school districts around the local and regional areas. His involvement in the community as an art advocate and educator has earned him recognition from numerous organizations and city officials. He has also been featured on local, regional and national television programs including MSNBC and in magazines such as Upscale, Southern Living and Newsweek. He is frequently featured in newspaper articles throughout the country. His artwork may also be found on CDs covers and in books.

Additional information about Ted Ellis and T. Ellis Fine Art, Inc. is available on the web at http// His work is also on display in galleries throughout the country and in the T. Ellis Fine Art Showroom in Friendswood, Texas (281-933-0300).


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