The Key West Diet Fears No Vacation or Holiday

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Spring break is no reason to put off starting a diet. The inspirational feeling such as from a vacation in the Florida Keys can be captured and used to ensure long-term diet success. This is a self-improvement, nutritional primer that will benefit body builders as well as the casual dieter desiring to lose weight. By applying these concepts, self-esteem is protected while developing motivation and commitment to personal growth which allow the dieter to feel confident during changes in life and season.

Start a diet just before spring break? According to the Key West Diet, a vacation is no reason to put off taking it off. “Most diet authors recommend avoiding such a situation, but those diets rely on willpower, not motivation, which is a widely acknowledged reason for why most diets fail,” says the newly released book’s author, William Mabee.

“Anyone who’s had problems sticking with a diet will be able to stay on track 100 percent longer, if not for life,” and, according to Mabee, the average dieter will lose more weight, be more productive and energetic, and consequently be much happier about the idea of dieting in general, because of this motivational perspective.

“Vacations motivate people,” says Mabee. “Just the thought of going on one can make you feel good. Vacations are just one way to do something kind for yourself.” Most importantly, says Mabee, they’re an opportunity to discover the things that inspire you to take care of yourself. “Weight control requires more than a menu,” he adds. “The old expression about man not living by bread alone applies here more than anywhere.” This is just one of the unique perspectives covered in the book.

The Key West Diet is a strategy for diet longevity, not a collection of eating regimes, acronyms, recipes, and charts, says the nutrition-communications researcher and former college professor. “It’s not a long book, but it’s the firmest foundation for dieting possible. That’s because it’s designed to help dieters learn, understand and then transform the diet they truly enjoy into a modern, personalized diet that stands the best chance for long-term success.”

Weight loss is just one of the benefits, he adds. “This is a unique self-improvement plan because it includes fitness of mind and body--more specifically, body fat. Self-esteem is usually the main casualty of a failed diet,” says Mabee. “Most diets rush right into shedding weight, but protecting your pride is critical to your confidence, which is the best insurance for successful weight loss and long-term body-fat management.”

Fun in the sun is only a starting point. “Vacations are about recreation, rejuvenation and relaxation,” explains Mabee. “The meanings of these words are the essence of the vacation feeling—fresh, youthful, wide-eyed wonder. These are what linger with you after the suitcases are back in the attic. That’s the feeling that motivated you to go, and surprisingly,” he says, “that feeling contains incredible potential. Exploiting this potential and human nature in general is the goal of the Key West Diet, whether you’re planning a vacation or not.”

A vacation theme runs throughout the health book, but as the author describes, its inspiration comes from the subtropical island’s resilience, tolerance and infectious spirit. “Going somewhere different can be inspirational in itself,” he says. “This is just one new strategy--a different type of ‘vacation planning’ designed to develop motivation.” But, according to Mabee, the book is not so much about new ideas as it is about new ways of looking at everyday resources.

“It may be a new book,” he says, “but when people read it they can’t help but nod their head in agreement with ideas that they already knew about, followed immediately by wondering why no one has ever connected these concepts together in this way before to help people reduce and manage body fat.”

According to Mabee, “The competition between diets appears to be more confusing than it should be, in spite of many shared principles of basic, modern, nutritional science.” But, he adds, it’s their differences that provide opportunities to create a “virgin diet,” which is another Key West Diet strategy for accommodating the individual needs of the dieter. “The end result is a diet that’s never been done before and can only be done by you.”

The acknowledged, number-one killer of diets is lack of willpower, which makes every source of motivation priceless, says Mabee. “The marketplace and the media can make it very challenging for dieters,” he adds, “but, oddly enough, one of the biggest challenges is simply remembering that you have a goal in the first place, and that’s probably the most unique strategy of the Key West Diet. It’s called the MMM Theory of Appreciative Eating, and it’s another unique strategy that takes advantage of a natural, reflexive reaction to the things that make you feel good,” he points out.

“This is another reason why these ideas work so well on a vacation,” says Mabee. “When you come across something that makes you say ‘mmm,’ either out loud or to yourself, that’s a moment that should not go unappreciated.” A vacation is the ideal opportunity for exploiting the ‘mmm’ state of mind, he explains. “This is a central point of the book,” says Mabee. “It works for vacationing or everyday life.”

These are just some of the strategies covered in the book, according to Mabee. Whether you’re a devout body builder or just want to lose weight, taking care of your health is another act of kindness, a self-help technique that can produce the same feeling of wellbeing as a vacation.

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