An Addition to African American Literature Can be Found in the Bill Thomas Novel 'Stasis & Poreris' - 'Like a Hundred Years Ago, Dreams of a New World Have Led Them...'

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Bill Thomas Releases His Epitaph Novel (Stasis & Poreris), Changes His Name Back And Reflects On What He Called A Spiritual Quest. Stasis And Poreris; A Story of Man Moving Into an Enlightened Age. Bill Thomas turns Providence into a world classic rather than the Providential cliché of the unbelievable of an American family going through what seems like the riddles of the sphinx and games and challenges of the Gods. They go from an unsuspecting family suddenly thrown into corporate and world affairs where they now affect the lives of millions as their manipulating bond brings them into a world of corrupt business leaders.

Providence cast this author into what he calls a spiritual quest; Over ninety percent of the story is taken from his journal and transformed into the story Stasis & Poreris. Not wanting to turn Providence into a cliché, he gives it an analytic spirit; a plot and theme, and writes the novel Stasis & Poreris. Stasis, the name of one of the main female characters, meaning (stability) and Poreris, the lead male character, an acronym, which when he first started trying to figure out what to do, was used as part a mantra meaning (Positive Resolution finding of Resistance); resistance to the lack of moral discipline.


…Hilda and Clinton would retire and turn over InterTech to the generation which they prepared it for but assist in the transition procedure of both InterTech and the newly forming alliance; temporarily overseeing and creating the advisory board. They would give their blessings to Brenda and those who vowed to work with her. Brenda would repeat the process that Hilda and Clinton had created, only, again, we all hope, making it better.


Living the fabled starving artist; and with an exhausted banking account, he goes with Lulu Enterprises (Self-publishing), The two books leading up to this one: 1) Letters from The L.O.M. & Songs of The Women of The L.O.M. (and) his second book, especially written for children with excerpts from both of the above titles; Letters from The L.O.M./ Volume I, which you would also enjoy reading, helps you to understand in depth, the mind of the character, Otradom PeloGo, and see that it is a prelude to really understanding and enjoying Stasis & Poreris.



Gov. Brenda Push - The reward for those years of independence was edification, a methodical approach rather than a lingering recession has kept modernization as our epithet. Because we could see the prize to be won, though only with an arduous persistence at trying to attain it, we have invested the monies that could only be accounted for after the victory; into the roads that needed to be built; since our troubles were seen as a barricade in the middle of a busy highway while those on the other side of the walls, though only within the city limits, saw it as an added responsibility of prudently trying to maneuver around until it was removed, as they traveled to and from work, school, and because of the faith in their leaders; hoping that the tomorrow would, like before the road became constricted, be as prosperous as it was the previous years. And because of that faith, they, and as always, in unprecedented followings, continued to migrate to the vortex of growth and commercialism. Now even more so, if and when it did happen, because this is the state capitol city, they will not only be there when it happens, they will be a part of it. This city will now become like the globe which we hold on to, and where it would have been NAFTA, EU, or ASEAN that our leaders would try to, along with the rest of the industrialized community, help keep the business running smoothly, it will be our constituents and their demand to go forward that we will have to appease.

…And now that the novel, which he truly started off writing as if it were an opera is finished, he decides to use it to tell the story of his quest, and because the main objective was more to deliver the story that he lived rather than himself, he authors it (Bill Thomas);which was his name before transforming into the man ,Otradom PeloGo who he now interweaves through the lives of his characters; which he considered more ethical since it would be a story of great inspiration and moral value, a world classic to be cherished and used as a tool of enlightenment rather than associated with any particular person.

…As the savings account begins to drastically decrease, still with that faith in their leaders and hope in the future, maybe putting off until the following semester to prepare for a new career or to come up with the tuition the following year, added along with letters that have figures that must be interpreted and either put on hold if salvageable or as opposed to contemplating bankruptcy, and which all of the above and no doubt more, will become the impetus for the assistance either from government or ironically enough as a last result, help from family that can no longer be held off.

But even when some segments of the cities industries are hit hard, there will always be those, while having to immediately adjust for the transition of human and capitol resources, that will be, as we say, opening up new and needed avenues, some being created in the midst of a crisis and paradoxically growing enormously for what we and they hope will be, and most likely will, a sustained business life.

(Anastasia – Economic Advisor to the Gov.)

Anastasia - This is the season where instead of wishing for things to come true; they must be anticipated; in the worse case scenario, met with resolutions that will be ballast for not only our constituents, least of all at home, but a world, community, a governance that literally will be awaiting that same amount of diligence, thousands of miles away. We know that once crossing boarders, our problems and preparations for them will be anew; and with many anticipating our support, understanding and of course, undivided attention. But today the Capitol City; she will not sit and wait her turn, she demands to, and will be first.

And the price for isolation, or the lack of interest in participating in a now fast and highly intense globalizing world, as it is clear to all, is chaos and tragedy. Then there are the ones who choose the alternative ( if not the only one appropriate) route after an overwhelming and convincing decision to open back up our markets; full speed ahead free market liberalization, and attendance at the annual conferences that will be institutionalized into this growing affair; a safeguard against discontent in an although warranted and necessary advent into trying, though for some, our first time, to reconnect our business community domestically as well as internationally. The conferences will be like a proxy gathering of the WB, IMF and WTO (World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization. And at this stage in the game, the precautionary incentives are just as great; minimizing the risks; at least keeping everyone informed of them, which make not (at least in its initial phase) being a part like choosing to look for opportunity in a stagnant pool.


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