World Crisis Radio - New Show on RBN with Intelligence Expert Webster Tarpley, Saturdays 4-6 pm EST, Welcomes This Week's Guest: Phil Berg, 9/11 RICO Lawsuit Attorney

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An inside view of world affairs plus an in-depth interview from Washington DC with the iconoclastic historian, author and terrorism expert Webster Griffin Tarpley. Iran, Iraq, oil, financial markets, Russia, Venezuela, 9/11, intelligence, Bush and Blair, and other current topics.

Popular talk radio personality and political seer Webster Tarpley's new World Crisis Radio is making waves with its unique format on the Republic Broadcasting Network,

In the first hour Tarpley shares his insight on top stories in the news, followed by a special guest in the second hour.

This week's news topics may include Japan's dumping of its interest-free loan support of the US dollar and economy; the Moussaoui trial circus; and further background moves in the Iran war build-up.

The distinguished guest for March 18th will be Phil Berg, the lawyer who is suing Bush & Co. for the 9/11 crimes under the RICO racketeering law.

The World Crisis Radio premiere last week was an inspiring performance, which can be played or downloaded from the show archives.

We heard political pundit, author and film producer Gerhard Wisnewski of Munich, Germany tell how he and his team were slandered and fired for producing the first and only prime-time network TV documentary to blow open the government's 9/11 myth. He shared his views on the new Merkel government in Germany, on Operation Northwoods as a template for the alleged "hijackings" on 9/11, on current 9/11 research, and unique and valuable perspectives from his work on "phantom terrorists" -- the RAF or Red Army Fraction -- similarly to Tarpley, whose very first book exposed the Italian Red Brigades as a NATO false-flag terror outfit.

In his news analysis, Tarpley compared our situation to July 1914 before the great conflagration. He interpreted the death of Slobodan Milosevic in his jail cell as a warning to Russia in geopolitical context, as the Atlanticist axis continues its foray into Central Asia. He says Putin's strategy is to avoid war and wait for the US-UK to overextend themselves. Tarpley warned of consequences that await the attackers in Iran. He also touched on the situation in Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, Venezuela and the Sudan, and economic prospects for Americans.

With his finger on the pulse of the "invisible government," Tarpley understands the current World Crisis as the bankruptcy of the Anglo-American empire, which its financier faction are trying to escape by a flight forward into an endless war of plunder -- enabled by 9/11, the invention of their own false-flag terrorist networks. Tarpley has a vital message for all people of good will: the only hope to stop the war machine is to face the truth and blow open the 9/11 terror fraud, which provides the war party with their only demagogic basis.

Tarpley's contrarian insight into world events, his grasp of history, culture, humor and erudition have gained him an avid following on radio shows like Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Cloak and Dagger and many others. He is an author of iconoclastic political blockbusters like "George Bush: the Unauthorized Biography" and "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA," which currently vies for the top ranking among 9/11 books on Amazon (see, plus recent articles on the threat of a new war on Iran, the Iranian Oil Bourse, and the Danish Mohamed cartoons as deliberate provocation of a climate for war (see

World Crisis Radio will broadcast live every Saturday from 4-6 pm Eastern Time on shortwave and streaming internet on the Republic Broadcasting Network, That's 3-5 pm Central; 1-3 pm Pacific; and 9-11 pm GMT.

Shortwave for Texas, California, Australia and Worldwide on 11.915 MHZ in 25 meter band

Local low-power FM in 150 locations

Call-ins from inside the US and Canada: 800-313-9443 toll free.

Past World Crisis Radio segments may be played or downloaded from

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