Custom Cosmetic Dentures Can Be the Answer to Denture Wearers Woes

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Custom cosmetic dentures can offer hope to many who have found smiling to be an embarrassment and eating to be a chore.

I refer to these as a cleaver knife on a chopping block. As the patient moves and chews, the cutting blade cuts food and hard to chew items. This differs from conventional dentures that merely mash food.

Despite all of the advances in modern dentistry, denture wearers can still find smiling to be an embarrassment and eating a chore. Their self-esteem and self-confidence may also plummet due to ill-fitting dentures and the appearance associated with the “false teeth” look. Custom Cosmetic Dentures can offer new hope to denture woes.

Prominent Mobile dentist, Dr. Byron C. Scott, of Springhill Dental Health Center, states that custom cosmetic dentures can create beautiful, natural smiles and offer all the basic benefits available in modern dentistry. These benefits include: Improved comfort; improved function and chewing ability; better health and well-being; enhanced cosmetic appearance and whitened teeth; increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Historically, people who have lost some or all of their teeth had few choices. Dentures were usually the only alternative available and people often thought that the removal of their teeth and the replacement with dentures would be the solution to all of their dental problems. Unfortunately, many realized that it was only the beginning of a lifetime of misery, discomfort and embarrassment. Dr. Scott states, “Over the years, many have become dental cripples suffering from ‘amputee syndrome’ as the progression of mandibular and maxillary atrophy leads to the collapsed and wrinkled facial appearance common in most denture wearers. Custom cosmetic dentures offer denture wearers a life-like, natural and attractive smile versus the typical artificial appearance often observed with conventional dentures.”

Custom cosmetic dentures differ from conventional dentures in a number of ways. First, in a beautiful smile, each tooth is not precisely aligned, but instead is individually shaped and positioned to compliment one’s personality, gender, physical appearance, skin tone and age. Most conventional dentures do not offer this. Also, ethnic variations require that the gum portions of custom dentures vary in color from light pink to darker gray. Various arrangements and shaping of the teeth are available ranging from masculine to feminine styles. Patients select this in advance and have the opportunity to take part in the creation of their smiles. Wax “try-ins” allow the patient to view his/her teeth prior to completion.

During custom fittings, the dentist can move and individualize the teeth, chair side, allowing patient input and feedback during the process. The patient is then evalutated for tooth size and position, gum contour, shade and shape, as well as an evaluation of speech phonetics and proper tooth and bite alignment. If major changes are needed, a second wax “try-in” would be necessary. The final appliance is not completed until all changes are made and the patient and doctor are satisfied. The completed product can even be individualized with the patients’ name etched in an inconspicuous place.

In addition to improving appearance, custom cosmetic dentures are designed to optimize chewing and improve biting ability. A unique and rarely utilized tooth design is incorporated in Dr. Scott’s custom cosmetic dentures – mini cutting blades. These cutting blades are embedded in the back lower teeth of the dentures and function as a cutting device, which provides optimal chewing efficiency, stability and comfort. Dr. Scott states, “I refer to these as a cleaver knife on a chopping block. As the patient moves and chews, the cutting blade cuts food and hard to chew items. This differs from conventional dentures that merely mash food.”

The same process for individualized replacement teeth is utilized for full or partial dentures, whether supported by a patient’s soft tissue, remaining teeth and/or implants. There is also the added advantage of converting custom cosmetic dentures to implant supported dentures at a later time, if the patient desires.

Custom dentures cannot compare with conventional budget dentures. Denture construction that is fast, inexpensive, generic and that does not take into consideration the patients’ individual needs and desires cannot compare. Thus, one cannot expect a complete smile design creation whether utilizing removable appliances or fixed dentistry to be inexpensive. Any expense incurred should be considered an investment in one’s comfort, enjoyment, quality of life and well-being. The time, effort, judgment, skill, creativity, artistic ability, materials and laboratory quality are all important factors in achieving a final result which allows patients to regain the function, confidence and self-esteem that overcomes the misery and embarrassment that most denture wearers utilizing “false teeth” have come to expect. Dr. Scott states that he frequently informs patients who are seeking full mouth extractions that if they proceed to full dentures, it is possible that they may never have another comfortable, happy or confident day in their life, because dentures are not a replacement for teeth, but at best a substitute.

Custom cosmetic dentures offer hope to many miserable denture wearers who have not been offered solutions that can give them improvements in the quality of their lives. Therefore, it is imperative to seek the best care one can acquire at this crucial time of decision. If teeth are being lost or have already been lost, replacement options should not be based on compromise, but based on the best available option to replace the lost body part. As with any prosthetic device, one should seek the best care from the most skilled provider to achieve optimal results and not allow insurance coverage or economic considerations to compromise the quality of dentistry and care. For more information on custom cosmetic dentures, please contact Dr. Scott at (241) 343-1521 or visit his website at    

Dr. Byron Scott is a graduate of Samford University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. He has practiced general dentistry in Mobile for 30 years with an emphasis in cosmetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry and will soon be opening a second full-service practice in Orange Beach, AL. He has lectured nationally and internationally and was recently selected by his peers to be listed in Woodward/White’s Best Dentists in America for 2004/2005. He is also Mobile’s Own Extreme Makeover dentist.

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