Uba Calls For Changes To Transparency International’s Index

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Jude E. Uba, Economic Technologies’ Chairman & CEO, today, called for changes to Transparency International’s Index methodology.

Corruption, a symptom of a core systemic and psychological malfunction, is a significant concern that needs extra weight of policy and the rule of law to manage. Thus, any global index that draws attention to that flaw, is a useful decision-making tool, more so for competitive intelligence. However, it must be based on reliable and accurate factors, not perception, hear-say and rumors.

“Due to its current methodology, the veracity of TI’s Corruption Index is not only subjective, speculative and inconsistent with near-real-time facts on the ground, it is dangerous. In reverse, it may descend into a calculated denial of economic growth opportunity for emerging nations, by driving away potential investments and skill flow and destroying asset growth and their tradable value. Since TI’s Index is primarily based on perception, as the authors are willing to admit, it seriously runs the risk and the consequences of failure to take into account, effective ongoing efforts by such leaders, like President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, who have been quite effective and determined in their crusade to drive forward a manageable corruption-free environment,” said Jude E. Uba, Economic Technologies’ Chairman & CEO.

Perception, consistently, trails reality. And perception may be motivated by unaccounted and undeclared cycle of underlining interests. “The technology exists that, instead of perception as the primary catalyst, will be far more effective, and cheaper, in monitoring and gaging business and government corruptible practices. The result of such a technology-driven index will be extremely useful as an on-time decision-making tool and, most importantly, will provide a clear and visible window to adequate and authentic process to mitigating corrupt practices, for countries unsophisticated in the art of global perception management,“ Uba stated.

Transparency International has a wonderful opportunity to build a truly global impact-full platform, for both business and policy makers, at all levels, by deploying necessary and adequate technologies in its methods.


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