Fooser (and Pals) e-mini Trading Community Launches the Guru-Trader Platform - Helps Daytraders Enjoy Success in Online Trading

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At daytraders of the S&P 500 e-mini futures index are working to stay on track and in the right direction. With the help of their guide and mentor (Fooser), these daytraders have found a place to meet every day and seriously day-trade the S&P futures index without fear of losing. And now, thanks to the addition of Guru-Trader, many traders have vaporized their fear of pulling the trigger altogether.

Fooser (and pals) e-mini trading community has launched the Guru-Trader platform and helps daytraders enjoy success in online trading.

What is Fooser (and pals) ?

Fooser (and pals) is an online community of S&P e-mini daytraders who have been meeting together every day for the past several months in a couple of online trading chat rooms. They sign in early every day before the markets open and begin discussions of various market Buy and Sell levels planned out for each session. Fooser can be found in the rooms, seemingly night and day, as he studies the chart patterns.....looking for the best setups that offer opportunity in the futures trading arena. Then, after the markets open and begin their volatile moves during the session, the fooserites patiently wait for the proper time to pounce. Fooser teaches patience, discipline, and money management in his rooms. And more and more daytrading members of the Fooser club are becoming cognizant to his principles. Began as just a small group of 5 daytraders getting together every day.......Fooser (and pals) has mushroomed into a trading community of over 400 in less than a year's time.

What is Guru-Trader?

Well, pulling the trigger at the proper time is the nemesis of many S&P e-mini traders. In fact, it is one of the most difficult things for a trader to do, but we can't trade without pulling the trigger. Fooser understood and identified this problem early on and has received many emails and requests for help on the matter.

At , Fooser has launched the Guru-Trader platform in his online trading rooms. Guru-Trader is provided by STS Advanced Trader and powered by Strategy Runner and Fooser uses it exclusively to help many of his members participate in the markets without fear of pulling the trigger. It is very simple in design, yet extremely powerful in performance. Any member who is linked with Guru-Trader to Fooser's console, pariticipates with Fooser as he pulls the trigger on his platform. When he pulls the trigger, he automatically pulls it for many others.

Guru-Trader is turning into all that it's designed to be as it continues to pull the trigger for those who can't be around to monitor the markets and for those who need a little help in pulling the trigger. Member's at Fooser's online trading community continue to conquer the S&P emini with the help of Guru-Trader and Fooser's quick eye for the daily setups.

Any daytrader of the S&P emini who hasn't tried trading with Fooser should try it out... even for just a week. It's a completely different experience in trading the S&P e-mini futures contract.


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