Quanta Introduces QuantaVac Harmony II Surgical Smoke Evacuation System

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At AORN in Washington DC, Quanta Technologies introduced the QuantaVac Harmony II, a surgical device for removing hazardous smoke plume generated by lasers and electronic scalpels. For more information visit http://www.QuantaVac.com

Quanta Technologies unveiled its new Smoke Evacuation System today at the 53rd Annual meeting of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) in Washington DC. The QuantaVac Harmony II protects patients and operating room personnel from hazardous smoke plume generated from the use of lasers, electro-surgical devices, and other advanced surgical instruments. Additionally, the new system incorporates state-of-the-art RFID (radio frequency identification) communications technology which receives data about the filter status and usage history, insuring that users get the longest possible life and value out of each filter.

The QuantaVac Harmony II features an ultra-quiet motor and sound-insulation materials. Even at maximum suction power, the device operates at or below the sound of conversational speech. "You shouldn't have to raise your voice in the operating room to talk over the sound of the equipment," offered Chris Jones, President of Quanta Technologies. "In the past, many smoke evacuation systems were extremely loud thus limiting their utilization. This created a conflict for nurses and surgeons who wanted to protect themselves from the known hazards associated with plume contents but found it annoying to do so. The QuantaVac Harmony II specifically addresses this issue while producing some of the highest flow rates available in any smoke evacuation system on the market today."

The newest feature of the QuantaVac Harmony II is the pioneering use of RFID technology to track the status of filters used with the device. QuantaVac's auto-sense technology allows a user to quickly exchange the filter and the system will instantly recognize and display filter life, track usage history and product profile (lot #, manufacture date, type of filter, etc.). This is a huge improvement over other smoke evacuation systems that do not utilize RFID because a user now has the ability to utilize multiple styles of filters (for various applications) in one system without having to worry about manually tracking filter life. RFID is a small microchip hidden inside each filter that continually transmits information to the device, insuring maximum filtration and minimal waste.

Lasers, electrosurgical devices, ultrasonic scalpels, and many other surgical instruments create hazardous smoke plume during surgery. Doctors, nurses, and patients can experience headaches, nausea, myalgia, rhinitis, or conjunctivitis within a few hours of breathing surgical smoke plume. According to the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), the following are primary reasons that smoke evacuation is underutilitized today:

  •      cost of using smoke evacuators
  •      noise from smoke evacuators
  •      lack of scrubbed personnel to hold smoke evacuator wands

The new QuantaVac Harmony II solves all of these problems, especially when used in conjunction with Quanta's PenAdapt, which incorporates a small smoke evacuation tube that attaches to the electro-surgical device itself, meaning that a person is often not required to hold the smoke evacuation wand.

About Quanta Technologies

Quanta Technologies LLC was founded in 1994 as a distributor of medical laser technologies and a provider of laser service and is today the largest regional supplier of lasers to hospitals and surgery centers. The company branched out in the late nineties providing a variety of medical laser equipment throughout the Southwestern US expanding laser service, laser accessory products and non-laser ancillary supplies throughout the United States. Today, Quanta is developing and distributing laser fibers, smoke evacuation systems and accessories, as well as replacement specialty lamps and medical batteries to hospitals, surgery centers, and physician offices throughout the country. Quanta Technologies is a privately held Arizona company headquartered in Tucson. For more information, visit http://www.QuantaWeb.com.

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