The Diet Pill That Has Detroit Talking Just Got Easier To Find

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ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp. is pleased to announce that as part of its continuing effort to make its Fat Fighter, FBCx, more readily available, that it has added two new URL’s to make it easier for their customers to find FBCx. These new URL’s, and, lead directly to ArtJen’s updated, educational web site,

FBCx, the diet pill that is said to have Detroit talking, just got easier to find. Dubbed the “Fat Fighter” in recent coverage by the Detroit Fox Network and said to be showing “huge potential” by Canadian print media, ArtJen Complexus Holdings Corp. is pleased to announce that as part of its continuing effort to make FBCx more readily available it has added two new web addresses to make it easier for customers to find FBCx. According to an ArtJen spokesperson, “We listened to our customers concerns and have made it simpler for them to find us.” ArtJen has added the URLS, and, which will re-direct customers to the updated website ArtJen’s site is meant to be educational, Dr. Joseph Artiss, VP ArtJen, says that, “We want you to come to our website to purchase FBCx, but much more importantly we want you to leave our site knowing more about your disorder and how to treat it than when you arrived.”

A complete list of both US and Canadian FBCx retailers can be found at:

George Grunberger, M.D., K-L Catherine Jen, Ph.D. and Joseph Artiss, Ph.D. recently presented the findings of their clinical trial on obese volunteers with type 2 diabetes at both the June meeting of the American Diabetes Association and the October meeting of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity. Impressive results from the double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial include:

  • FBCx is effective in reducing and/or maintaining body weight in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • FBCx is effective in reducing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels in patients with elevated lipids.
  • FBCx can easily be incorporated into anybody’s weight management regimen.
  • FBCx was shown to bind 9 times its own weight in dietary fat in human volunteers.
  • FBCx is effective for weight management.

Although skeptical at first Dr Grunberger now states that: “It’s safe, it does not interfere with any other medication my patients may be taking. And it seems to address my patients’ major concerns that not only are they obese, but they can’t seem to lose weight.” Dr Grunberger continued, “This discovery, which can help shed pounds or prevent weight gain, is real progress.” Dr Jen was quoted as saying that, “If FBCx works for obese diabetics it will work for anybody.”

The important results of this clinical trial could change dietary management in patients with type 2 diabetes. Subjects in preclinical trials, including non-diabetic patients showed dramatic and consistent weight loss. Consisting of a specific all natural fiber, each 1 gram tablet binds 9 grams of dietary fat, effectively preventing the fat from being absorbed by the body.

The recommended 2 tablets per meal typically results in a weight loss of 4 to 6 pounds per month. The product is now available under the FBCx trademark. A US patent has been awarded to ArtJen for FBCx; worldwide patents are pending.

For further information contact Dr. Joe Artiss through ArtJen’s toll free number 1-877-4-ARTJEN.

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