When Corporations Globalize, Americans Receive Pink Slips

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The dirty little secret about globalization is the displacement of thousands of talented Americans. After working with a corporation for two decades, they are handed pink slips. With SageFire’s simple web based record keeping business organizer and systematic follow-up, there can be life after Globalization.

The dirty little secret about globalization is the displacement of thousands of talented Americans when their jobs are outsourced to China or India. After working with a corporation for several decades, they are handed pink slips and forced to use their life savings to start small businesses, perhaps as free lance reporters, sales reps, artists, real estate agents, financial planners, repairmen,contractors, or franchise owners.

Few had the additional funds to pay for proper accounting services until Boulder based JP O'Brien successfully launched SageFire, Inc. to provide a simple and inexpensive method for these displaced Americans to manage their small businesses.

SageFire operates two web sites; SageFire.com and KeepMore.Net. A typical subscriber spends less than five minutes a day inputting business data into a simple and intuitive web based subscription account where their records are updated and then backed-up daily. Because SageFire is web based, they do not worry about a computer virus or passing thunderstorm to destroy their data. IRS guidelines are easy to understand with SageFire’s “Guide Me” function. And subscribers can use management reports, like they once used at their former jobs, to manage their business. See http://www.keepmore.net/anim for a quick review.

"Every business must file taxes," says SageFire's J.P. O'Brien "and the technology of SageFire, Inc. not only allows subscribers to manage their operations more intuitively and efficiently, but maximize their tax returns. 99% of small businesses overpay the IRS each and every year, yet our average subscriber saves thousands of dollars from timely and accurate recording of business expenses."

Opportunity Tracker has just been introduced and is a premium service embedded in SageFire technology. Several hundred years of "on the street" sales experience is packed in Opportunity Tracker. Now, when subscribers enter business travel expenses, they automatically send pre-written “thank-you” follow-ups to their prospects and clients, as well as automatically send themselves a follow-up reminder on the required day. Ten clicks, ten seconds, and the subscriber will complete a call report, send a “thank-you,” and establish the next follow-up. Systematic follow-up results in more sales, and more money to better manage. With SageFire, Inc., there can be life after Globalization.


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