Entrepreneur Craig Nabat is Dedicated to Freeing the World from Nicotine Addiction using Quit Smoking Laser Therapy

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Nabat stumbled upon a procedure in Canada that helped him quit over night. He brought the procedure to the United States and is committed to helping millions of smokers all over the country kick their nicotine habit.

Craig Nabat and his sky-rocketing company Freedom Laser Therapy is gearing up to go nationwide.

The man has ambitious plans to free the world from nicotine addiction using quit-smoking laser therapy. Many of Freedom's clients are quitting with only one session.

Craig Nabat, a former smoker had not smoked a cigarette for 7 years. Then, one stressed out business trip in Hong Kong, he bummed a cigarette off a bar patron to make conversation. Immediately, he was addicted again, and ended up chain smoking the remainder of the trip.

"I am very passionate about this," states Nabat, who says that getting off cigarettes was the hardest thing he has ever done in his life. "It took me years to quit smoking. Then, in a moment of bad judgment -- I was back to smoking a pack and a half a day. I ended up struggling with the smoking addiction for the next year and a half."

Nabat tried to quit smoking using the patch and gum without success. Then, he learned about a low-level laser therapy treatment being performed in Canada that could assist a smoker in breaking their addiction with one 30-minute session.

The treatment had been used successfully for smoking cessation in Europe and Canada for the past 35 years. "I'm from Detroit and ended up driving to Canada for the laser therapy. I began really hating smoking and knew it was killing me. It was killing me physically and I was feeling bad, but still couldn't quit. I had the laser therapy and didn't suffer any physical withdrawals. It was great! Next I got my mom, also a heavy smoker to get treated. "If she could get off smoking, then, I knew anyone could."

Nabat researched the industry and waited for this laser technology to become legalized in the United States for clinical research trials. His plan: is to rapidly set up quit smoking laser therapy clinics throughout the United States. With an extensive marketing background, he decided to launch his company--Freedom Laser Therapy in Los Angeles -- the capitol of revolutionary health & beauty treatments.

Nabat launched his first clinic in Los Angeles, California. "Word spread and people desperate to quit were coming...some of the biggest names in Hollywood were walking through the doors of Freedom Laser Therapy."

Celebrities have incredible power and influence. And, they have ability to directly and indirectly drive millions of smokers to give up smoking. Statistics quote that as many as 50% of smokers say they started smoking after watching a favorite actor smoke on TV or in a film. Imagine how many teenagers might stay away from cigarettes in the first place, if celebrities no longer portrayed that it was cool.

Nabat moved to Los Angeles driven to help celebrities get off smoking, hoping once they did...they would let other smokers -- especially young people, know how easy it is to quit using the laser therapy procedure.

There are 4,700 toxins in every cigarette -- 60 cause cancer. Nabat says, "Cigarettes are just a bad product." Within 5 years, States across the nation will ban smoking inside office buildings and restaurants. Smokers really will not be able to smoke anywhere in public.

According to Nabat, the key to quitting smoking is first break the physical addiction -- that takes approximately three days. The laser probes stimulate specific acupuncture points on hands, face, ears and wrists, intended to alleviate nicotine withdrawals. Then the smoker is instructed to detoxify their body with provided vitamins and anti-oxidants, which are taken for the next 10 days.

"Smokers need to see cigarettes for what they are," states Nabat. "This product was ingeniously marketed to all of us. People smoke because of nicotine, not cigarettes. It's the only product on the market known to kill mass amounts of people and is still sold. 70% of smokers want to quit, but can't. They're addicted."

Freedom Laser Therapy has two locations: Los Angeles, California and Detroit, Michigan and is opening other treatment sites around the world. Freedom Laser Therapy specializes in nicotine addiction and will ultimately offer drug & alcohol treatments in clinics staffed by healthcare professionals.

The low-laser therapy operates on the principles of acupuncture to help alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. During treatment the client watches a video educating the smoker on their behavioral addiction, vitamins and antioxidants are provided, plus a quit smoking support kit that prefaces they can never take another puff of nicotine again.

Freedom Laser Therapy's franchise company is set to open soon, it has been 3 years in the making. Nabat says, "My Main Goal is to Let Smokers Who Want to Quit Know That There is Now an Easier Way to Quit Smoking."


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