Why Exercise Programs Usually Don’t Work and Why Stuart McRobert’s Plan Does

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According to exercise and health authority Stuart McRobert, while many people start training programs, only a few see positive results. Training has a dismal record because incorrect instruction leads to shattered expectations. McRobert has set out to change the failure rate by devising The Program in his book “Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great: Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your Body.”

Strength training is the surest route to a fit, lean, strong body. So why don’t more people get good results from weight-training routines? According to Stuart McRobert, author of “Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great,” it’s because most people get unsafe, unscientific, or unrealistic exercise advice.

In this new book, his fifth book, McRobert draws on more than 30 years of independent study and experience, and the best science, to produce an easy-to-follow 12-month program designed to help people glean the best possible benefit from working out. People have no trouble sticking to it over the long-term because they quickly see positive results. And the routines in The Program are realistic even for busy people.

Richard Winett, PhD., professor at Virginia Tech, publisher of Master Trainer, and award-winning health researcher says, “Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great” is “A brilliant book. Follow ‘The Program’ developed by Stuart and you’ll reach your potential for strength, muscle mass, fitness, and health.”

Through 640 pages and nearly 400 photographs, McRobert provides all the know-how required for body transformation. No other instruction is needed. Step by step, with extraordinary care and precision, and without commercialization or hype, everything is spelled out. And the book also explains what to do after The Program has been completed.

Strength training is the most productive form of exercise for men and women. Here’s why: It builds strength, develops muscle, strengthens bones, improves overall fitness, increases the body’s caloric consumption, helps control body fat, improves posture, slows the effects of aging, increases resistance to injury, and transforms physical appearance. No other single form of exercise can produce all these benefits. That’s why strength training should be the most important, though not the sole, element in any exercise program.

“Stuart’s authoritative book is crammed with responsible, safe, and highly effective instruction. It has my unreserved professional endorsement,” says Dr. Gregory Steiner, DC, of Dallas, Texas.

And to quote Dr. Jonathan Smith, of Durham, England, “This may be the only training book you’ll ever need -- brilliant content, in brilliant packaging. It truly is a masterpiece.”

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For more than 20 years Stuart has been an independent voice of reason and honesty in the fitness field. His attention to thoroughness, safety, and health is unique. Through over 400 magazine articles, and his four earlier books, Stuart has advocated training methods that produce outstanding results. He founded CS Publishing Ltd. in 1989, and has been its director ever since.

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