Coastal Vacations Members Can Now Earn Thousands Their First Day in Business with Innovative Pay Plan

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The fastest growing group in the Coastal Vacations program looks to put cash in their members’ hands faster with their new pay plan. The Sales Center looks to double last year's sales in 2006 and cash is a great motivator for members to produce more sales.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center rolled out an innovative new pay plan that is expected to increase sales, increase the average commission paid to members, and put cash in the pockets of members more quickly. The pay plan comes just a few weeks after an announcement that Hoyt Farmer's Secure Business Solutions had acquired control of the Sales Center from founder Paul Langley. Farmer was the sales manager under Langley and he quickly moved the staff to a facility that better met their needs and upgraded the phone system. Improvements to the website used by members have come almost weekly since Farmer started writing the checks.

The success rate enjoyed by Sales Center members has been the envy of the home based business arena for quite some time. The recent improvements appear to be pushing them even farther ahead of the pack.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center has quickly become the fastest growing group in the Coastal program by providing members with unprecedented support that has never existed for members starting a home based business. Many new home based business owners have never owned a business before and the overwhelming majority fail to ever make a profit. The Sales Center keeps members on track by providing massive support in the form of an easily navigated marketing website and a robust training website with hours of audio and video training. Live training is also provided weekly. Their system leads prospects to live Q&A conference calls hosted by the Sales Center and experienced representatives follow up with qualified prospects to present the business, close sales, collect the money, and even ship the travel products for their members. Sales Center representatives are not members of Coastal and are required to sign a non-compete contract to prevent any possible conflict of interest.

Introduction of the new pay plan comes on the heels of sweeping upgrades of the travel products announced by Coastal Vacations at a conference in Florida earlier this month. Detailed information about Coastal Vacations, the new pay plan, the unprecedented support of the Sales Center system, and the improved travel products can be found at

The new pay plan still allows new associates to come on board and utilize the proprietary selling system of the Sales Center for as little as $1995. The big difference is at the Premier and Platinum level.

New Premier members get both the level 1 and level 2 (International) travel memberships from Coastal Vacations, and their Sales Center membership for just $4995. In keeping with official Coastal doctrine members will complete 2 training sales at the Premier level to get their official director's release. The big difference is that the Sales Center will pay Premier members $1000 for each level 1 sale starting from day one. They even earn commissions on training sales made by their level 1 members. After completing 2 Premier or level 2 training sales they will be paid $3000 on each Premier sale.

New Platinum members receive the level 1, level 2 (International), and level 3 (Universal) travel memberships along with their Sales Center membership for $11,000. They will be paid $1000 on level 1 sales and $3000 on Premier sales starting their very first day with the Sales Center. Once they have completed 2 Platinum sales, they will get their official director's release and be paid commissions of $1000, $3000, and $6500.

Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino hosts prospect Q&A calls and live training for the Sales Center. He was excited about the new pay structure; "We strive to give our members all the best tools available, so they can achieve success and putting cash in their hands faster will motivate them to become a student of the system and achieve more sales. While sales have been brisk for over a year now, we always look to improve and innovate. Getting my group members to plug into the system is the key to their success. They always know they can call or email me for additional assistance because I am dedicated to helping them achieve their goals."

Marino worked for over 25 years in sales and sales management. "I see more and more new members who are really good salespeople joining our system. They realize our system allows them to have one on one contact with their prospects and even close sales if they like. They also realize that the overwhelming majority of new members they bring aboard do not possess their elite sales skills and will need our system so they both can attain a high level of success. I applaud them for plugging their members into a system where they all can prosper. We provide a blueprint for those of all skill levels. Members who want to talk with prospects get time tested scripts to follow. Those who want to market on the Internet can benefit from over 4 hours of training with Armand Morin. We teach members over 170 ways to market and advertise to produce sales." Additional information about Coastal Vacations, the Sales Center system, and Level 3 Director Dean Marino can be found at

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