One Thousand Portable X-Ray Machines Repaired: Chicago X-Ray Firm Hits Milestone

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Company founder John Znalezniak was recently asked how many portable machines his firm repairs per week. This prompted him to go back and count and upon doing so he realized that the firm has repaired over 1,000 portable X-Ray machines. The company was founded in 1991 after a family friend and chiropractor asked Znalezniak, an electrophysics wizard, to look at a malfunctioning HF X-Ray unit. Znalezniak promptly repaired the unit, became fascinated with X-Ray machines and has devoted his working life to their operation ever since.

Infinum Technologies Corporation has hit a milestone by marking its 1,000th portable X-Ray machines repair.

“I knew that we repaired numerous portable X-Ray machines over the years, but I never thought to count, that is, until someone asked me a few weeks ago,” said John Znalezniak, founder of Infinum Technologies Corporation, a north suburban Chicago X-Ray design, repair, and consulting firm.

“A few weeks ago we were in a meeting with a prospective client and they asked us, ‘How many portable X-Ray machines do you repair per week?’ It is proprietary information just how many we repair in any given day, week or month, so beyond not being able to answer their question, my immediate response was simply to chuckle because I had no idea how many we’d done over all these years. Yet the question piqued my curiosity, so I went back to our records and counted—we repaired our 1,000th portable machine on August 28, 2005,” said Znalezniak in a recent telephone interview.

Znalezniak noted that in fields such as dental, podiatry and general medicine, practitioners upgrade entire machines frequently but veterinarians become attached to their portables and have them repaired repeatedly. When asked to explain why Infinum’s portable X-Ray repair business has soared recently, Znalezniak was straightforward: “The word is out that we fix them in less time, for less money, than anyone in the country—we’re your typical fifteen year overnight success story, because we’ve been doing it all along. But now, vets know that we ship most machines back out, repaired, the next day. Every day that a vet practice is missing their machine, is a day that practice loses money. If we were repairing them back in the 90’s at the rate we are repairing them today, our total number would be in the tens of thousands,” added Znalezniak.

Here's how Infinum came about . . . Knowing Znalezniak's expertise work experience and achievements in electronics, back in 1991 family friend Craig Martin DC asked Znalezniak if he could troubleshoot his high frequency X-Ray machine. Znalezniak not only successfully found the trouble; He repaired the machine. Dr. Martin began referring his colleagues to Znalezniak and his work expanded to not only repairing high frequency X-Ray machines but also ultrasound machines. Over time, Znalezniak established himself as a noted leader in the design, construction and repair of X-Ray equipment, controllers and timers and fifteen years later, the Infinum Technologies Corporation is still going strongly.

About Infinum Technologies Corporation: Founded in 1991, Infinum Technologies sells, services and repairs veterinary, dental, podiatric, chiropractic, and portable X-Ray units, as well as providing decommissioning/recylcing of outdated X-Ray Generators.

Contact: Tony Piwowarczyk, toll free 1-866-Infinum ext 1025


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