Revolutionary Speech Training Method Can Speed the Way Birds Learn To Talk

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On March 20th, Chet Womach, an expert in training parrots, announced a breakthrough speech training method for teaching parrots to speak. This method has been documented to give results within as little as three days.

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On March 20th, Chet Womach, an expert in training parrots, announced a breakthrough speech training system for teaching parrots to speak. This revolutionary discovery came shortly after Womach's marriage to his wife Sally, owner of a parakeet that didn't talk at all.

Teaching parrots to talk is not a new subject. Parrots have been known to talk since Roman times. Sir Winston Churchill had a parrot that spoke some naughty words in his political meetings. Almost every parrot is capable of talking. From small parakeets to huge macaws, male or female, parrots have the ability to speak. In the wild, parrots imitate the sounds of their flocks. Because pet parrots live with humans, they often pick up the sounds of people naturally, however not all parrots find this skill easy to develop without assistance.

The problem is teaching the skill of creating human sounds. Not every person's voice is in the right range for teaching speech to parrots and sometimes owners' busy lives interfere with scheduling the training sessions. Womach, already a parrot training expert, wanted to find the very best way to teach parrots to speak.

What Chet Womach does differently is illustrated by the way he taught his wife's bird to talk. He placed the non-talking parakeet's cage next to the cage of Mr. Magoo, his cockatiel, a small parrot that speaks several words and phrases. After only a week, the parakeet began saying words that Magoo spoke. Within only one month, the parakeet had learned Magoo's entire vocabulary.

This led Chet Womach to find a practical means of providing the average parrot owner with the ability to teach their parrots to speak by using the word sounds of other parrots. This exciting method has proved to be effective and intrigues the parrots, keeping them interested in learning. By hearing the sounds of other parrots talking, pet parrots learn how to speak much faster and more easily.

This new speech training method works even for parrots that are not completely bonded to humans. It works regardless of the age of the parrot. Because the sounds are created by other parrots, even an untamed parrot is likely to begin imitating the sounds of the birds it hears.

Womach's speech training CDs have been documented to give results within as little as three days! Of course, not every parrot learns this quickly, and there are no guarantees that a specific parrot of any species will ever talk, but it is the most effective speech training method developed to date. It is estimated that parrots learn 10 times faster when learning from other parrots.

The sounds are provided on audio CDs that can be played for parrots in 15 minute sessions twice each day. The attention span of parrots is limited to about 15 minutes so, to be most effective, this time limit is strongly suggested.

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