Changing Economy Requires Flexible and Diverse Real Estate Services

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Timing the real estate market correctly requires real estate franchises willing to support a variety of strategies for entering the market. Prospective sellers, buyers, and investors need to assess where their greatest value lies in the current environment. A full-service real estate franchise prepared to help customers consider all options provides a hedge against changing economic conditions.

Timing the real estate market correctly in a volatile environment poses challenges for owners and buyers alike. Trying to read the signs and determine whether the market will remain strong, level off, or take a downturn often requires expertise beyond the average investor’s abilities. A real estate franchise that supports a variety of strategies will be the service of choice when changing times create uncertain customers.

A property owner’s inclination to sell may not be the wisest choice. Interest rates and market conditions may make it less profitable to sell outright. Instead, securing a rental income from the property and waiting to sell until values rise or interest rates fall sufficiently may be the wiser move.

Prospective buyers may also find that an outright purchase is less desirable than entering a lease with an option to buy, or a rental agreement. Investors need to carefully assess whether their best return lies in purchasing a property that can be resold at a profit, or one that will yield rental income.

Few real estate franchises can afford to be candid with the customer about these alternatives, because they focus strictly on sales or rentals alone. As a result, they may be unable to discuss in depth an entirely different strategy that makes better financial sense, but lies outside the office’s specialty. Rarely does a real estate franchise maintain a comprehensive set of listings for sale, lease, and rental, or stand ready to help both owners and buyers determine what is truly the most strategic way for them to enter the market.

One firm that has understood this customer need is Rent 1 & Sale 1 Realty. Based in South Florida but rapidly expanding nationwide, this real estate franchise has expanded its focus beyond a single approach to the market. Rent 1 & Sale 1 Realty provides a clearinghouse for customers who need to make the right decision about real estate investment for different purposes. With all possibilities included under one roof, Rent 1 & Sale 1 Realty enables customers to assess where their greatest value lies. With the ability to search across all kinds of listings, the organization can support all customer needs.

As customers benefit from this approach, the wisdom of offering a full range of market options is also becoming clear to real estate professionals. As veteran agents see the opportunity to operate real estate franchise with a built-in hedge against economic swings, Rent 1 & Sale 1 Realty is fielding inquiries from all over the country daily. For customers, investors, and agents alike, this approach makes good economic sense in a transition market.


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