Imagine Pledge to Oppose and Reject Any Form of State Funding of British Political Parties

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Imagine, Britain’s newest political party today became the first party to support the overwhelming public mood and oppose any form of state funding of political parties and heavily criticised the collusion of the major parties to propose such an undemocratic change.

Imagine, Britain’s newest political party today became the first party to support the overwhelming public mood and oppose any form of state funding of political parties and heavily criticised the collusion of the major parties to propose such an undemocratic change.

Not only has Imagine come out against state funding but it has also pledged to return any funds to the taxpayer it should become entitled to in the future if such a scheme is introduced.

Despite statistics from the Electoral Commission confirming that over three quarters of the British public are against using taxpayers funds to plug the hole in the finances of political parties, not one single political party before Imagine has sought to make a principled stand in support of the British taxpayer and reject any notion of state funding of political parties.

”State funding is simply a betrayal of democracy; thirty piece of silver to sell-out the British people.

We are currently facing a truly frightening move away from democratic political parties funded by their members to state sponsored political machines that will be unanswerable to, and ever distant from the British public. Imagine will not accept one penny in funding from the state, no matter how much we may become ‘entitled’ to.” Chad Noble, founder of Imagine said.

”At a time when millions of people have turned away from British politics and have stopped voting and donating, instead of moving closer to the people and working to represent their concerns, all the major parties are actively moving in the opposite direction, away from the people to the centralised state as a source of easy income.”

A particular concern to Imagine has been the proposals from David Cameron and the Conservatives that take the move away from the people and small government to centralised state control of political parties even further.

”We expect the Labour Party to seek further centralised control as they have never supported greater real democracy, but for the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, other small parties to do so in addition to the Conservatives’ proposals has created a polarisation that is very dangerous for democracy.”

Imagine detailed how David Cameron’s proposals to force the taxpayer to pay up to £4.20 per vote over the course of a parliament, but only for the parties that currently have seats in Parliament will damage democracy by creating two classes of voters; those whose vote will be funded and those who will not.

”We reject the any notion of state funding, which more accurately should be described as state [control + taxpayer] funding, but Cameron’s plans are so dangerous as they seek to preserve the status quo for the big parties whilst actively making it difficult for any new parties to grow.

Cameron may seek to present his plans as a reward for success at the ballot box, but we know that the truth is the exact opposite. If such plans were introduced, even more British people will turn away from the ballot box and the parties will simply seek a greater and greater amount of taxpayer funds per vote to maintain their own income. It would be an every increasing reward for failure.

This is undemocratic, being the worst form of centralised, big government, state control and is being suggested simply because the political parties have chosen self-preservation over democracy. I never thought I would see the day when the Conservatives would abandon their small-government core value so completely, to collude with the government to introduce greater state control.” Noble said.

With both their opposition to state funding and unequivocal pledge to return any state funds that Imagine becomes entitled to, Imagine has drawn up a clear dividing line between them and the other parties.

”Will any other party make a principled stand and join our campaign to oppose state funding of political parties and pledge to return any funds the state should seek to pay them?

Every vote for the other parties will cost the taxpayer a significant sum; however a vote for Imagine will cost the public nothing. We will not take one penny from the taxpayer. A political party should be the aggregation of its members’ views, supported by its members, not a state machine becoming ever controlling and distant from the people.

The issue of state funding like no other has become the clearest means to see through political rhetoric and reveal who is really fighting for the British people. Some smaller parties have expressed an opposition to state funding whilst admitting that they would actually accept such funds should they become law. These parties are equally guilty of betraying the British public.

The choice is clear; political parties democratically funded fully by their members or accepting the thirty pieces of silver from the government to sell out the British public.

The British people now have a clear choice and I urge them to fight to protect democracy in the United Kingdom by opposing any form of state funding of political parties.” Noble urged.

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