FLAVORx Funds Frederick County Spay/Neuter Program

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Recently, FLAVORx Inc, the company that sets the industry gold standard for medicinal flavorings, helped fund the Frederick County Animal Control Center's spay/neuter program. With limited funding and resources, the Center had its hands tied until FLAVORx generously donated the necessary quality equipment and supplies to keep the facility up and running.

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Many of these animals have benefited already from the FLAVORx Veterinary System, but the Center needs more than just help with medications. Spaying and neutering pets is crucial to promoting animal health and also helps us be a part of a solution to the broader problem of pet overpopulation.

Even on a good day, like most municipal shelters across the country, the Frederick County Animal Control Center has limited funding and its staff is stretched to the limit. Likewise, when the Center's Spay and Neuter Facility was essentially inoperative, the outlook was bleak. FLAVORx, Inc, the company whose products ensure that patients who need medication actually take it, could not sit idly by and watch the Center struggle. The success of past FLAVORx Veterinary System donations had already helped the Center's stray pets take their prescriptions, but the company knew it could do even more to help. Therefore, without hesitation the company helped fund a project to get the Spay and Neuter Clinic up and running.

When Dr. Joel Ehrenzweig, Vice President of FLAVORx's Veterinary Division, toured the facility, he noticed that the Spay/Neuter Operating Room was empty. Apparently, since the last veterinarian had left the Center some time ago, surgeries could no longer be performed because of lack of equipment and funding. Prompted by headline news in a recent hoarding case, where 185 dead animals and 117 living cats and three living dogs were found in a home, Ehrenzweig brought his concerns to the attention of Kenny Kramm, CEO of FLAVORx. "Many of these animals have benefited already from the FLAVORx Veterinary System, but the Center needs more than just help with medications. Spaying and neutering pets is crucial to promoting animal health and also helps us be a part of a solution to the broader problem of pet overpopulation."

Spay and neutering pets not only provides better health for pets, but also benefits the owner and the community. For pets, the procedure eliminates the possibility of multiple life-threatening diseases such as testicular, prostate, ovarian, and uterine cancers as well as reduces the possibility of breast cancer. Additionally, spaying and neutering pets helps control the incidence of stray pets and homeless animals, as well as decreases the costs of controlling unwanted animals, bites and attacks. Owners can expect to have less temperamental pets that are less likely to roam the neighborhood, run away or get into fights. Studies show that overpopulation is one of the most serious problems impacting animals today.

This warrants the involvement of advocates around the nation to encourage awareness and action, such as Bob Barker, host of "The Price Is Right", who began the DJ&T Foundation in 1995 to help under-funded spay/neuter clinics. Recently, John McEnroe, who has a mixed-breed pooch named Lulu, took a time-out from tennis to promote spaying and neutering in a new public service announcement (PSA) for PETA. In the lighthearted PSA, McEnroe is a good sport as he pokes fun at himself by unleashing one of his trademark tirades that is sure to raise a smile and raise awareness about animal overpopulation. Dr. Marty Becker (America's favorite Veterinarian) started "The Million Pet Mission, whose main goals are to promote early spay-neuter thereby protecting the lives of the unborn, solve behavior problems early on before they become life-threatening, encourage pet buddies, and promote high tech veterinary care.

When Kramm asked what it would take to get the Spay and Neuter Clinic up and running, Ehrenzweig told him that the funding would cost well over $ 4,000. Kramm simply replied, "Make it happen." Ehrenzweig has sourced the equipment and supplies and plans to deliver them in late March. According to Harold Domer, the Center's Director, "The Frederick County Animal Control Division operated a Spay/Neuter Clinic from March of 2003 until August 2005. During that time frame, over 2600 dogs and cats were altered. The Shelter firmly believes in reducing the pet over population and spaying and neutering your animals is the first step. We are extremely grateful to FLAVORx for their kind donation in providing the necessary equipment to re-establish our Spay/Neuter Program."

Given the success of the flavoring system, the Center knew it could rely on FLAVORx to provide quality equipment for their facility. According to Linda Shea, one of the Center's Veterinary Technicians, "This week we have 22 cats and kittens on some form of medication. We've introduced the Cheese Flavor which is very successful. There is one adult male cat that was 'holding' the medicine in his mouth, only to spit it out later. He is now very compliant since he discovered it was shrimp flavored!"

Well known for his charitable efforts, Kramm's company regularly contributes products and expertise to non-profit organizations, assisting HIV/AIDS clinics internationally and helping US troops in Iraq drink the water essential to their survival. Kramm has forged FLAVORx into a biotech enterprise with worldwide reach, used in more than 35,000 pharmacies and 1,500 veterinary hospitals across the USA and Canada. The FLAVORx Formulary is the quintessential guidebook that pharmacists and veterinarians have relied on to help more than 51 million patients take their medicines as directed by the doctor.

For more information visit http://www.flavorx.com or contact Joel Ehrenzweig at 800.884.5771, extension 212.


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