Out of Necessity, Courageous Parkinson’s Patients Create Companies

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April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Timely and Inspirational Story: Slow progress towards a cure for Parkinson’s disease lure patients to become entrepreneurs.

Parkinson’s disease, an incurable and debilitating illness that affects the central nervous system failed to elicit the expected reaction to the diagnosis of Parkinsons in these courageous men. Instead of self-pity, they responded by rallying their entrepreneurial spirit in search of solutions for the many life-altering symptoms they and millions of Parkinson’s disease patients live with daily.

1 – Ex-cop defies Parkinson’s induced inability to walk by inventing his own solution and bringing it to market to help hundreds of thousands of others. http://www.icanstep.com.

2 – Young Parkinson’s sufferer and single father finds help and hope with the creation of a custom fitness regime, writing a book, and helping people who are facing hardship with his Web sites: http://www.defythis.com and http://www.knockoutparkinsons.org.

3 – Late stage Parkinson’s sufferer publishes book to teach Parkinson’s patients how to understand their new life with “Pills, Bills, and Parkinson’s”.

People with Parkinson's disease have plenty of company. Each year about 50,000 patients join the ranks of the estimated one million Americans who share this condition, which affects roughly one of every 100 Americans over age 65.

But numbers alone can't begin to capture the human impact of Parkinson's disease. The disease is not only frightening for the people who have it but also for those who love them as Parkinson's symptoms begin to interfere with everyday life.

Limited funding for Parkinson’s research has led to many patients creating their own solutions to conquer the symptoms of the disease. Many products and services that serve the Parkinson’s community in new and novel ways are developed - not in labs, medical facilities and think tanks, but in workshops, garages and on personal computers.

One interesting symptom of Parkinson’s is a marked increase in creative talents and abilities. Perhaps this is what is driving this innovation trend. From art, poetry, and novels to original music and inventions, these victims are finding solutions to problems until a cure can be found.

List of interviewees for this article:

1 – Ex-cop defies Parkinson’s induced inability to walk with invention of the NextStep® –

Flashback - 20 years ago - 1986

Mike Tucker is 29 years old, a father, a husband, and a good provider. He's a fitness fanatic. You can find him in the gym, six days a week, working out, lifting weights, body building. He's also a cop - a tough, hard one, with a part time security business on the side. Mike is in charge. Mike is in control.

Until March 12, 1996 when Mike was diagnosed with Parkinsons.

Mike Tucker

Phone: 919.612.7876


2 – Young Parkinson’s sufferer and single father becomes author and finds help and hope with fitness regime.

Anthony Scelta Jr., the author of Defying Despair, has a clear mission: to give hope to those who need it most. Twelve years ago, at age 25, this 6-foot strong man, soon-to-be father, and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist was in top physical condition; he was spontaneous; and he loved life.

Then Parkinson disease struck.

Anthony Scelta, Jr.

Phone: 954-471-7842

http://www.defythis.com and http://www.knockoutparkinsons.org

3 – Late stage PD sufferer publishes book to teach Parkinson’s patients how to understand their new life with “Pills, Bills, and Parkinson’s” –

Paul Luscombe

Phone: 973-635-7937

Each of these gentlemen is available for interviews.

To make it easier, feel free to contact me directly and I will arrange logistics to suit your needs.

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