Nothing Unmentionable in New Cleaning Manual for Dirty Divas

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Hot new book turns laundry day into a sexy, stimulating adventure for its readers. With sexy, sly humor and a frankness that could make a porn star blush, Laura Goodman, the Dirty Diva, shares her vast knowledge of cleaning up stains caused by just about any circumstance out of just about any fabric – not to mention household furniture, flooring, and appliances.

your colleagues don't need to know how you landed the Anderson account.

"A Dirty Diva chooses her bathing suit like a soldier chooses his weapon." And so must she choose her cleaning agents. A Cleaning Manual for Dirty Divas: Coming Clean on Sexy Stains and Messes is author Laura Goodman's guide to stains you wouldn't want to ask your mother about.

A Dirty Diva is a woman unapologetic about her boisterous adventures in the bedroom, on the copy machine, against a tree, or anywhere for that matter. Dirty Divas serves up cleaning recipes for the naughty by-products of sexual romps and soothes your embarrassment with interjections of Goodman's own sexual deviance. Because not all of these naughty interjections are true, it is up to the reader to discern fact from fiction.

From sex stain removers like rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, and turpentine, Dirty Divas lists 24 cleaning agents that every Diva should own. How else would you know that toothpaste is great for ridding jeans of pesky grass stains or canola oil has more uses than you can imagine outside the kitchen?

If you find your cashmere sweater in a sticky predicament, the Materials section explains how to take care of everything from fabrics to feathers. Or head straight to the source: how exactly do you get copier toner out of your favorite skirt? One of the book’s more simple solutions says to soak the skirt in cold water for 10 minutes, brush a little baking powder into it, let stand, rinse, and launder as usual. After all, Goodman notes, "your colleagues don't need to know how you landed the Anderson account."

In a call to arms, Dirty Divas encourages women to embrace sexual freedom and be empowered. Dirty Divas doesn't want you to clean up your act—just clean up after it.

Laura Goodman lives an anonymous life just outside Baltimore, Maryland. She is in the mortgage business and has been successfully eliminating sex-induced stains since she was 15 years old.


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