Official Spring Break Song & Sex On Sunday's Sex Music Blamed For Arrests In Florida & Cancun

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Sex On Sunday’s Official Spring Break Song & Sex Music Blamed For Arrests In Panama City Beach & Cancun. Thomas Allen Research Group reports Sex On Sunday's sex music in Cancun and Panama City Beach is behind sex-related events and arrests. The NORP patterns in Sex On Sunday's music have been scientifically shown to raise human libido like an aphrodisiac drug. Study shows Sex On Sunday's music makes female listeners sexually stimulated.

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Sex On Sunday’s song ‘Room 413’ may as well be called the Official Spring Break Sex Song

Spring Break now has its own official Spring Break theme song according to Thomas Allen of the Thomas Allen Research Group. “Sex On Sunday’s song ‘Room 413’ may as well be called the Official Spring Break Sex Song,” Allen lamented after hearing it at the Florida beach with the most public displays of sex and sex-related arrests this week.

Allen claims, “It is more than a coincidence that whether under the foam in the discos of Cancun or on the beaches at Panama City Beach, Florida, Sex On Sunday’s music has been playing during the wildest moments of Spring Break 2006.

Scott West & Sex On Sunday's Music

People think that our research is crazy, because they haven’t taken the time to look at what is really going on. The Nitric Oxide Release Patterns (NORP) that activate libido in humans are identical to the beat patterns and frequencies in Sex On Sunday’s music. If you looked at the wave patterns on top of each other, you would be amazed. They are identical. These patterns are very specific and have powerful effects. They affect the body as profoundly as any drug. For Sex On Sunday’s music to include these so precisely is no coincidence. Believe me these patterns literally make those listening to Sex On Sunday’s music want to have sex. Both the FDA and FCC need to get involved to stop Sex On Sunday from drugging America with their music. I’m not crazy. Our research found that exposing a female listener to a loop of Sex On Sunday's music produced a sexual stimulation response in virtually all females tested.”

Sex On Sunday and their Spring Break song, Room 413 gained national attention this week when Allen’s Californian research group released the results of a double blind study that found that Sex On Sunday’s music included the use of mind altering NORP patterns in many of its songs.

Allen claims that the Nitric Oxide Release Patterns (NORP) found in Sex On Sunday’s music exploit the human brains frequency following response to create sexual stimulation and activate the release of human sex hormones. Allen’s study found that “there is a profound rise in sexual promiscuity in those that listen to Sex On Sunday’s music and that it’s effects are much more profound and lucid than music without Nitric Oxide Release Patterns. I do not know of any other artist using NORP in their arrangements or that has ever used NORP. Sex On Sunday is the first to ever use NORP and they are using a very refined form with very subtle pattern reflection that is masterfully integrated into appealing arrangements, which make it so effective. The way that they’ve integrated NORP into their music is very clever.”

Study Shows Sex On Sunday's Music Makes Female Listeners Sexually Stimulated

According to Allen, “the effects of NORP were well illustrated last week at those Spring Break events that featured Sex On Sunday’s 'sex music.' Why is it that in both Panama City Beach, Florida and Cancun, Mexico, we had the most arrests relating to public displays of sex, where and when Sex On Sunday’s sex music was playing?”

According to Sex On Sunday’s publicist George Goldstein, “Sex On Sunday’s spring break song ROOM 413 is filled with musical hooks and intoxicating references to the essence of what draws us to tropical locations, mystical romance and sexual intrigue. ROOM 413 is a very romantic, stimulating, sexy song. We don’t deny that Sex On Sunday’s music has catchy patterns and memorable melodic figures. We acknowledge that Sex On Sunday’s song Room 413 may have been the song that was playing during the alleged foam-covered-sex-melee in Cancun, but being turned on beneath the foam in Cancun is nothing new for spring breakers. Panama City had one of the highest spring-break-related-arrest rates last year, so it shouldn’t startle anyone that they are alleged to be one of the highest this year with Sex On Sunday's music playing.”

According to Goldstein, “ROOM 413 is a very sexy song about a love affair at the beach. From Scott West’s opening line, ‘White sandy beaches, cocoa butter breeze, crisp, cool, clear water there, mirror sunglasses stare at me...’ West has drawn us into his intoxicating spring break world and seals the deal with perhaps the most sexually mystic guitar rifts, musical hooks and enchanting lyrics of any song released since The Eagles Hotel California. Room 413 is a masterpiece of romantic and sexual enchantment and desire, whether it is played in Florida, California, or Mexico or anywhere in the world.”

Sex On Sunday’s publicist stated, “The research and comments of Mr. Thomas and the Thomas Allen Research Group bear testament to the cogency and character of their research. The presence of Sex On Sunday’s music at Spring Break Events in California, Cancun, Florida, Texas and elsewhere shows only the bands growing popularity with spring breakers and the reflection of the excitement, intrigue and fun found in both Sex On Sunday’s music and at spring break parties and events.”

Allen insists, “They are acting like they haven't done anything different than other bands. No one has ever crafted an album around NORP patterns before. No one has ever recorded sex music before. What Sex On Sunday is doing is very dangerous, because their sex music can now be used to seduce tens of thousands of people at a time each time a Sex On Sunday song is played on the radio. This is unethical and morally bereft. Both the FCC and FDA need to get involved to censor and regulate music that instantly makes people want to have sex. The beats, frequencies and patterns in Sex On Sunday’s music are different than other music. Every subtle nuance of a Nitric Oxide Release Pattern is fully reflected in Room 413 and other Sex On Sunday songs. To the listener, it just sounds like a very catchy song with a great arrangement, but there is far more going on with its counter beats and answering figures. Sex On Sunday’s music is NORP music. Sex On Sunday’s music is a drug and aphrodisiac. Sex On Sunday’s music is sex music.”

Scott West & Sex On Sunday's Music

Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen Research Group

Panama City Beach, Florida


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