Voxeo Delivers Industry's First 100 Percent Compliant VoiceXML 2.0 Platform

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Prophecy platform is the first and only VoiceXML Platform to deliver all VoiceXML features and pass all VoiceXML forum compliance tests, providing maximum ROI while future-proofing telecom investments.

Voxeo Corporation, a recognized leader in the market for voice-driven telephony application platforms, today announced that its Prophecy platform is the first and only product certified as 100 percent compliant with the VoiceXML 2.0 standard.

Voxeo’s Prophecy platform is used by enterprises to deliver a wide range of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice over IP (VOIP), and speech-recognition-based applications. Prior to the VoiceXML standard, such applications were tied to the specific telephony platforms and vendors for which they were originally developed. As a result, enterprises faced enormous application re-write and switching costs when changing vendors – and in many cases, even when upgrading to newer platforms from the same vendor.

VoiceXML was created by the W3C (who also created HTML and XML) and brings widespread application interoperability to telephony platforms. The VoiceXML Forum’s Certification program certifies that VoiceXML platforms conform to the W3C VoiceXML 2.0 specification. Prophecy is the first and only platform in the industry to pass all of the more than 600 tests established by the VoiceXML Forum, including all required, optional, and disputed tests.    

“No other voice platform has ever passed 100 percent of the VoiceXML Forum compliance tests,” said RJ Auburn, Voxeo Corporation’s CTO. “These test results are a tangible demonstration of Voxeo’s commitment to deliver the most feature-complete and standards-centric telephony application platform available, bar none. That commitment is valued by our customers, as it delivers a significant increase in their Return on Investment (ROI) by future-proofing their IT and telephony infrastructure.”

Prophecy’s 100 percent compliance applies not just to its core VoiceXML engine, but also to its bundled Prophecy Speech Recognizer and Prophecy Speech Synthesizer engines, making them one of only four such engines to pass VoiceXML conformance. Voxeo includes these premium speech technologies at no additional charge. For many enterprises, this combination of included features reduces the cost to deploy speech technologies by 70 percent. Additionally, Prophecy also works with any other speech engine that is compatible with the MRCP standard, again demonstrating Voxeo’s commitment to open standards.

The VoiceXML 2.0 compliance tests were performed by CT Labs, the communication industry’s leading independent third party testing services company. The formal test report, detailing the required and optional features tested, is publicly available at http://www.voxeo.com/certification and on the VoiceXML Forum’s web site.

This is just the latest in a long list of industry firsts for Voxeo, including:

· First to offer XML call control

· First to offer enterprise VoiceXML hosting

· First to offer SIP-based VoiceXML

· First to offer premise and hosted CCXML

· First to offer the same VoiceXML-certified platform for both hosted and customer-premise deployments

· First and only company to offer a 100 percent uptime guarantee

· First to bundle premium speech recognition and speech synthesis with its platform free of charge

About Voxeo Prophecy

Voxeo Prophecy is a premium speech platform, a versatile voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform, and a battle-tested interactive voice response (IVR) platform designed to make it dramatically easier and more affordable for enterprises to create and deploy any telephony application. Unique in the industry, Voxeo Prophecy delivers an abundance of telephony features, offering greater functionality than any other product, while eliminating traditional cost and complexity barriers to enterprise speech deployment.

Prophecy is simple enough to run on a laptop, yet scalable enough to run thousands of ports in a carrier-class network. Prophecy bundles a full-featured telephony platform with world-class speech recognition and synthesis at less than one-fifth the cost of previous offerings. Voxeo Prophecy can be downloaded for free and running calls on any Windows PC in less than 15 minutes. Linux and OS X versions of Prophecy will ship later this year.

By utilizing the power of web markup languages and servers to accelerate telephony application development, conventional web developers and business enterprises can now easily and cost-effectively build speech and telephony solutions into their enterprise. To date, over 17,000 companies have created and deployed more than 34,000 applications on Voxeo platforms.

The VoiceXML Advantage

VoiceXML serves as a markup language that enables developers, platform vendors, and tool providers to create voice applications, user interfaces, and tools that can interoperate with other VoiceXML-based systems. VoiceXML uses automated speech recognition (ASR) and/or touchtone for input and pre-recorded audio and text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) for output.

VoiceXML leverages the web paradigm for application development and deployment. Just as a PC uses a web browser to access web pages written in HTML, Prophecy enables any telephone to access IVR, VoIP, and speech applications written in VoiceXML. Thanks to the power of VoiceXML, enterprises can now develop and deploy voice applications as quickly and easily as web applications. In fact, most developers report that VoiceXML application development is three to six times faster than previous methods.?

About Voxeo

Voxeo Corporation is the leading provider of standards-based, hosted and customer premise telephony solutions, built with versatile IP and XML technologies that make it easy to create, deploy, and maintain the widest variety of telephony applications. Voxeo customers, VARs, resellers, and channel partners leverage Voxeo's industry-leading technology solution to enhance customer care, reduce costs, and generate new sources of revenue. With over $40 million invested in infrastructure, technology, and developer programs, Voxeo has customers ranging in size from the Fortune five to small startups with just five employees. Voxeo has been profitable and cash-flow positive for eight straight quarters, reflecting its more than 100 percent annual growth since its founding in 1999. For more information, visit http://www.voxeo.com, or call +1 (407) 418-1800.

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