LockLizard Announces Revolutionary “Shocking” New Digital Rights Management Product

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LockLizard Stingray is a DRM control product with a stunning difference - literally. Unauthorized users do indeed have a shock in store!

The proposed latest addition to the LockLizard DRM product range is Lizard Stingray a DRM control product with a stunning difference. Like LockLizard’s other products, Lizard Stingray protects documents using encryption and digital rights management controls. However Lizard Stingray, as the name suggests, does indeed have a sting in the tale for unauthorized users.

The proposed approach of Lizard Stingray is to take DRM personal authentication controls a step further, by using a USB powered device that is capable of sending small electrical impulses to the finger of the current user in the event of an unauthorized action on a document (for example trying to copy or print a document when this has not been allowed by the publisher). In order to view documents, users must have authenticated by placing one of their fingers in the USB finger device (much like a pulse measurement tool) and keeping it there in order to view protected documents. The USB finger device is supplied free of charge along with the viewer software.

Naturally, publishers will have to be able to choose an appropriate level of shock to apply and which authorized events they can be applied to. At the lowest level users receive a shock similar to a practical joke hand buzzer, and at the highest level a shock that is a lot more stimulating without being prejudicial to health.

Following considerable research into power supply components, Lizard Stingray can also be deployed to overpower the printer's USB port, and completely destroy the printer interface in the event of an unauthorized print action. Charles Richmond, product manager, says “it is taking the concept of a lightening strike and applying it to a USB device. Publishers (film, music, books and so on) demand even greater controls nowadays over their IPR usage through really effective DRM controls and there is nothing better than discouraging users by completely ruining their hardware, thus providing a really permanent solution to the no-printing problem”.

Lizard Stingray was conceived largely due to requests from publishers as a further and really practical disincentive to users who deliberately set out to get around DRM controls and pirate products they clearly have no rights to. Current controls are ineffectual and the idea of litigating against individuals totally impractical, but something has to be done for the industry. LockLizard expect that 50% of their current publishers would be interested in upgrading to the new product in the first three months of its release. Packages are expected to start from $5000 for 50 users.

LockLizard are expected to release a PowerLite version of Lizard Stingray in July. Priced at $2000 less it does not include the shocking USB finger device. Instead it will overpower the computer’s speakers (external and internal, regardless of the current volume that is set) and sound a high pitched or fog horn alarm in response to unauthorized actions.

More information on Lizard Stingray can be found at http://www.locklizard.com or by sending an email to sales[at]locklizard.com quoting the article and April 1st 2006.

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